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Bike-a-thon takes off at Fairground

By Staff | May 21, 2012

On Saturday afternoon brothers Bryson, Jaden, and Garrett Rankinen from Hughesville joined in on the first Bike-a-thon at the Hughesville Fairgrounds. It was sponsored by the Greater Hughesville Business Association. Garrett and Bryson are two year old twins.

HUGHESVILLE – Perfect weather and a busy Saturday afternoon made a nice back drop for the first annual bike-a-thon that was held at the Lycoming County Fairground. Sponsored by the Greater Hughesville Business Association, the proceeds will help to benefit the Halloween and Christmas parades, the children’s party at the Hughesville Fire social hall, the golf tournament, the Five-to-Drive Holiday Giveaway, and the Hughesville Scholarship fund.

“We also wanted to do something more that would involve the community,” said board member, Suzanne Holmes. Denise Spotts, who was assisting with registrations, said that the event was rescheduled from last fall in October, but had to be cancelled because of a snowstorm. “It snowed one half hour before it was to start,” she said.

A new law for motorists and bicyclists went into effect April 2. According to AAA it is designed to improve safety and traffic flow, and requires motorists to leave a 4 foot “cushion of safety” when passing a bicyclist. To achieve this cushion drivers may cross a roadway’s center line when passing a bicycle on the left, but only when opposing traffic allows.

The law states that “drivers attempting to turn left must also yield the right of way to bicycle riders traveling in the opposite direction.” It also calls for bicycle riders to use all reasonable efforts to avoid impeding the normal flow of traffic. When there is only one travel lane, bicyclists may use any portion of the lane to avoid hazards on the roadway. This includes maintaining a safe distance from stopped and parked cars.

“The differential in speed is the biggest safety challenge with motor vehiclces and bicycles sharing our state’s roadways,” said Barry J. Schoch, PennDot Secretary. PennDot encourages drivers and cyclists to learn the rules to better share highways and make travel safer for everyone. Bicyclists should always signal their intentions before proceeding so motorists have a chance to react.

The GHBA said that the Fairground was a safe place to hold the event, and thy hope to schedule another bike-a-thon again this fall.

For more information on bicycle safety, visit www.DriveSafetyPA.org.