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Keeping the urban forest for Muncy

By Staff | Jun 5, 2012

Alicia Myers, representative from Muncy Trees USA, presented a five year award to Dan Berninger, President of Muncy Bank & Trust, on June 1st for their generous contributions towards the budget to keep Muncy's status as a Tree City USA that is part of the national Arbor Day Foundation.

MUNCY – A five year proclamation was declared on Friday, June 1 at Muncy Bank & Trust to maintain Muncy’s status of Tree City USA, a program sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation. Alicia Myers, a local representative and coordinator of Tree City USA, presented a special plaque to honor the bank’s consistent and generous financial contributions that have helped the community benefit from this valuable resource for five years in a row.

“We count on these contributions for the budget for Tree City USA, not just for planting trees, but working to protect the environment,” Myers stated. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, every community benefits from being a Tree City USA. The sign placed at each end of Main Street indicates that Muncy is a community that cares about its environment. “We feel this is an important part of Muncy to plant and replant the trees,” said Dan Berninger, President of Muncy Bank & Trust.

There are daily benefits. Trees produce shade and clean air. Trees slow down traffic and create a safer environment.

The financial assistance from the bank helps the community of Muncy share a sense of pride in becoming a Tree City USA. Myers said that the organization is replacing some trees. Parts of North Main Street will require some sidewalk modifications to replace trees that died from salt and run-off. “These areas are inundated with chemicals,” Myers said.

“From the beginning Muncy Bank & Trust has made generous donations to insure new trees are planted for all future generations to enjoy,” Myers added. “Every year we need to reapply for the re-certification.”

Other members and volunteers who work on keeping Muncy a Tree City USA include Nella Storm, Selinda Kennedy, and Pat Weber. They insure that Muncy remains a comprehensive tree program that involves community education, tree planting, pruning and identifying hazardous trees for removal. So far the organization has planted over 300 trees in the Muncy Borough. There are 108 Tree City USA comminities in the state of PA. The other cities in Lycoming County are South Williamsport, Williamsport and Muncy.