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Benefit Ride for Sunnybrook Meadows includes many activities

By Staff | Aug 8, 2012
Registering for the third annual 'Let's Ride' motorcycle 'Scrabble Scramble' is Dennis Miller from Montgomery. Left to right are members and volunteers of Sunnybrook Meadows Therapeutic Riding facility: Edna Ridell, owner with Pam Breon, Linda Pryer, and Amanda Budman, co-chair for the event.
The Christian Motorcycle Association had many riders participate in the benefit. Bob Crouse from Cogan Station, a senior, rode his new motorcycle to the Scrabble Scramble.
On Saturday morning motorcycles line up outside Montgomery Park's indoor pavilion during the benefit ride for Sunnybrook Meadows.

MONTGOMERY – It was a rewarding experience for those who participated in the third annual ‘Let’s Ride’ benefit motorcycle ride on Saturday morning in Montgomery Park. Nearly 50 riders had several activities to choose from throughout the event. Starting with registration, a well-organized route map was given to each participant as they decided to play ‘Scrabble Scramble’ in lieu of the usual Poker Run. “We chose this word game instead because we thought it would be more fun,” said co-chair, Barb Miller from Watsontown. “The highest word wins!” Assisted by Amanda Budman, Miller and volunteers marked a route with balloons at four locations so the riders could stop and pick up a letter. They were instructed to spell whatever word they could with the drawn letters from the four different stops. Points were accumulated with each letter, and two letters started them out at the registration table.

From outside the Montgomery Park pavilion the ride began at 11 a.m. with an entry fee.

The route circled from Montgomery Park onto Route 405 to Hughesville where riders turned right onto Route 118 then merged onto Route 42. Robin’s Cozy Nest was the second stop. From there they traveled to Clarkstown onto Route 442 to Lowe’s super market, their third destination for a letter. A drive to Muncy from Main Street to Route 147 intersected the riders with Route 54 and followed the route to Historic Warrior Run Church. A right turn back onto Route 405 took them through Watsontown, Dewart and onto River Road as the marked balloons routed them back to Montgomery Park from Route 405. At this final stop, riders picked up their last two letters. “It was fun,” said Dennis Miller from Montgomery. “I would never know to take that route.”

Throughout the day visitors and riders could participate in two silent auctions and a barbecue chicken dinner with beverages and dessert while listening to live music provided by the Christian Motorcycle Association.

All proceeds from the motorcycle ride went to Sunnybrook Meadows Therapeutic Riding facility, a non-profit organization located at 426 State Home Road in Montgomery. Since 1993 the organization has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities by giving them horseback riding lessons to improve balance, coordination, muscles and communication skills among many others.