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Fast food chain relocates to Muncy

By Staff | Jan 2, 2013

Bud Neidig was the first customer to be served at Wendy's which officially opened on December 19 in Muncy Creek Township. Cathy Toboz, Director of Operations and Executive Vice President opened the doors at 10 a.m.

MUNCY – It was a long wait before the Wendy’s restaurant was able to finally open its doors at its new location in Muncy Creek Township. According to owner, Chris Evangelow, there was a long wait for the main water line to be installed.

The restaurant relocated from Washington Blvd. across from St. Boniface Church in Williamsport. However, Evangelow said he purchased the 1.5 acre property here in 2004 from Bud Neidig who worked with Evangelow to develop the infrastructure and 50 foot right of way. After all permits were in place, the final water inspection was completed December 14. It took six to seven years to develop the sewer according to Neidig who met Evangelow some time ago through his paving business. “He goes beyond the line of duty to do something,” added Neidig.

Neidig was invited to be the first guest at Wendy’s on opening morning, December 19. He was greeted by Cathy Toboz from Montoursville who is Director of Operations and Executive Vice President for Leakas Quality Foods, Inc. that encompasses the 7 Wendy’s restaurants owned by Evangelow. “We felt we can do well here in Muncy,” said Evangelow. “The area is growing here.” He referred to the entire East Lycoming area as a growth area which was a big factor for moving from the Williamsport East End location.

Wendy’s corporate offices approved the location for Muncy back in 2002 according to Neidig. “The lot had to be elevated five and a half to six feet,” said Neidig. He also stated that a traffic study by PennDot revealed that Rt. 405 between Muncy and Hughesville is one of the busiest highways, and the busiest two lane highway in Lycoming County.

They were finally able to break ground in late August. “Power and water took a little bit longer,” said Toboz. “Everyone in the community has been helpful. I think this will be a good site.” Several local contractors were used during the construction period and for the landscaping. The building consists of 3400 square feet with plenty of designated parking spaces. “All the townships and municipal authorities were very helpful and very nice for us,” said Evangelow. His company just added 43 new jobs to the area which includes four managers.

Evangelow opened his first store in Lewisburg in 1977 and his second one was the location on Washington Blvd. in Williamsport. He lives in Lewisburg where Leakas Quality Foods is headquartered.

A special opening was held the night before at Wendy’s on Dec. 18 for family and friends. “We took a moment of silence for the Newton, Connecticut children,” said Evangelow. “I can’t even imagine something like that.”

It wasn’t long after Bud Neidig was served, that several community residents began to line up along the counter to place their order, including the entire Muncy Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department. The restaurant is open seven days a week.