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GHBA recaps 2012

By Staff | Jan 22, 2013

Members of the GHBA met last week at Kathy's Cafe in Hughesville to discuss results from the 'Five to Drive' holiday campaign and to plan 2013's calendar.

HUGHESVILLE – The Greater Hughesville Business Association’s sponsorship of 2012’s ‘Five to Drive’ giveaway generated much business according to President, Suzanne Holmes. There were several hundred ticket transactions and more promotions this year with 37 prizes total.

Many of the merchants did a lot of decorating and downtown once again was illuminated with holiday lights and sparkling angels. “You do something so wonderful for our community that they really do appreciate, enjoy and look forward to,” commented Holmes to the members of the GHBA at their annual first of the year meeting last Wednesday held at Kathy’s Cafe. This year the group, along with the Rotary Club of Hughesville, hopes to get all businesses to decorate for the holidays. “They love the feel of downtown during the holidays. I hope you all rise to the challenge,” added Holmes. “The comments that I received from so many in our community are of gratitude and amazement in what we offer. Personally, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Twenty two merchants came together for the ‘Five to Drive’ giveaway and up to 1,525 tickets were validated among three hundred and some participants during the ten day shopping period that started on Black Friday. There were several who did not participate in the ticket sales so merchants were not sure of an exact count of how many people did shop the Hughesville stores during the giveaway period. “We were pleased,” said Donna McGarvey from Donna’s Gifts and Gallery regarding the sales transactions.

Table tents were a new addition, specifically designed for the restaurants. Local restaurants and their staff were involved with the giveaway and helped with promoting the event to their customers. Kathy’s Cafe had a soup tasting outside and owner, Tracy Clayton suggested a soup bowl for 2013. 5,000 four color tri-fold brochures were distributed throughout Lycoming County to promote the event. However the GHBA was pleased to discover that much of the support came from their own community as statistics showed that almost two hundred of the consumers were from Hughesville.

The car giveaway was the biggest attraction and the grand prize. Kaiser Brothers donated a Dodge Caravan which was won by Sara Trick. “Kaiser Brothers were very interested in joining this year,” said Doug Spotts. “They were very positive about the whole thing.” The dealership also promoted the event for the GHBA.

Carol Shetler announced that she was thankful for the profits (over $500) from the carriage rides which were donated to the East Lycoming Historical Society.

The members concluded the meeting with discussions on nominating a new treasurer, providing amendment changes by e-mail votes and placing a voting majority on quorum attendance. Dues will be raised to $50 from $40 for 2013. Special poles will be ordered to hang the banners downtown for this year’s ‘Five to Drive.’ Last December they were placed at the high school, Whipple’s, Rt. 118, and Dixie’s Gun Shop. Holmes announced that a filing process is also in place to become incorporated as a 501C3 status. “This allows contributions for more than $500,” she said even though the GHPA is already established as a non-profit organization.

The organization will be having a business mixer on Wednesday, March 20 at the Muncy Valley Moose from 7 to 9 p.m., and all merchants and residents of East Lycoming County are invited to attend.