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Stagecoach stops at the Muncy Post Office

By Staff | Jun 17, 2013

Courtney Johnson and her son, Ryan, sit in the stage coach that was on display at the Muncy Post Office on Friday.

MUNCY – It was an unusual sight, but a welcoming one on Friday for visitors and customers at the Muncy Post Office. For on display was a replica of an authentic stagecoach built by hand by Muncy resident, Jim Powell. It took him five years to build it. “He would show me pictures of it when he would come into the Post Office,” said John Fave, head custodian at the Muncy Post Office. Powell shared with Fave the stages of development, and about a year ago the two planned to put the stagecoach on display this month in front of the Post Office.

It was a great photo opportunity and the children loved climbing into it. Also known as a stage carriage, the first one was built in 1828 according to Powell in Concord, New Hampshire. It was patterned after the Great Britain stagecoaches and had an average speed of about five miles an hour.

From 8 to 3 p.m. the stagecoach remained in front of the post office where it attracted several people from the community.” It turned into a nice, happy community event,” said Fave who likes to keep the gardens looking fresh and colorful along the front and sides of the building.

After approaching the Post Office, Palcon donated mulch for the event and the garden. Fort Muncy also donated flowers. “When I went to buy them, the owner said he would take care of it, and I came back with a truck load of flowers,” Fave said.

Fave also had to borrow a trailer from Owen and Peggy Chute and a truck with a hitch to pull the stagecoach from Powell’s home on Exchange Road. He was able to use Bud Herr III’s truck who also helped with the endeavor.

Meanwhile, word caught on and the Country Store’s Economy Locker on Worthington Lane in Pennsdale donated hot dogs. Beverages and rolls were supplied by the Post Office. Fave said he ran out of hot dogs before noon, and had to go out for more.

Nella Storm said that this was a terrific Muncy event. Lots of people were excited and came to see the stagecoach. “We are a close knit community here,” added Fave. This is truly another Muncy moment to be remembered. “The residents are pretty happy here, and very supportive.”