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Old Woolen Mill under demolition in the borough

By Staff | Jul 9, 2013

This photo was taken July 5, shortly after the demolition of the "Old Woolen Mill" in the Muncy borough. It had remained vacant for several years and was severely damaged by a storm in mid-April. The building is owned by Andritz who is responsible for the demolition. Some of the bricks will be recycled and are in the process of being sorted for reconditioning purposes.

MUNCY – It may have been a sad day for some who had worked or known someone who worked at the old woolen mill once located on the corner of Market and Washington Streets in the Muncy Borough. Starting on June 21, the historic structure was set for demolition by property owner, Andritz, Inc.

During the course of the week, the building was roped off and the road was closed for safety reasons, according to Borough Manager, Bill Ramsey. “We didn’t want any bricks falling towards neighboring buildings. It became a hazard,” he said.

The building was in very poor condition and was destroyed even more by a severe storm earlier in the season. The mortar between the bricks had turned to dust over the years. However, many of the bricks are salvageable and will be reused according to Ramsey.

He also stated that this is not a borough project. “The building is the responsibility of the owner,” he emphatically replied. “Andritz has been very cooperative.”

The company is also in the process of sorting the bricks that can be recycled. Some of the timber beams were also set aside. The property is up for sale, and the borough would like to see it sold in order to bring in some tax dollars and revenue. Future use of the lot could possibly be used for office space or residential apartments. It is zoned under a “light industrial ordinance” said Ramsey, and could be re-zoned under a variable zoning ordinance at the request of a new owner. “The Borough wants to see it developed,” added Ramsey.

It took over a week and a half to demolish the upper part of the building. The remaining foundation will be destroyed once the bricks are sorted. Ramsey said he has been receiving several calls about the demolition, but Andritz is the one who is totally responsible.

The demolition company, Lycoming Supply, contracted by Andritz worked on the building up until July 1st.