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Teen builds his own ‘field of dreams’

By Staff | Jul 30, 2013

Hunter Heivly with his 3 siblings include (l-r): Hunter, Jacobie, Ava and Alivia with a sign designating the name of their baseball field located just outside of Clarkstown.

CLARKSTOWN – Just east of Clarkstown, at a site where there are no nearby corn fields from which aberrations of baseball players emerge, there are however a woods, a fence row and two sides bounded by Route 442 highway and Neufer Hollow Road.

Here, due to the hard work of 14-year-old Hunter Heivly, outdoor activities have been underway in building a baseball field. “I began this project last year, and we’re still working on it,” the young sportsman said. The ball diamond is “built to high school regulation size,” explained the teen from the Muncy All-Star team.

Hunter, the eldest of the Heivly foursome, is completely in charge, but does accept the help of siblings Jacobie, Alivia and Ava. “We’re not allowed to do anything unless our brother is here. He’ll say don’t move this or that,” Alivia said.

No matter, the younger Heivly’s are busy with their individual activities. Alivia is a student of dance and plays soccer; Jacobie is in T-ball; and Ava, well, the three-year-old is there in the mix of things.

Hunter and his friends have already played games on the turf, and include Peyton Hulyo, Jacob Zimmerman, Ethan and Noah Gush. There’s also Nick Paternostro whose mother’s name ‘Lucy’ is attached to the field. “Early on, Nick’s mom asked what we’d name the field, and as we had none, we made a sign ‘Lucy’s Field'”, said Hunter.

With the pitcher's mound in the foreground, a bit more prep work is needed for Lucy's field. Seated on tractor is Hunter Heivly, Sister Ava; by cart Jacobie and Alivia.

Last week, they made baselines more evident by spraying to eliminate the grass returning it to bare dirt. The decision to destroy the grass was not taken lightly for the family was mindful of what their great-grandfather would have thought. In 1954, Laymon Girven built a home on this acreage where granddaughter Krissy and husband Jeremie Heivly are now raising their family. “My grandfather spent a lifetime teaching and being involved in agriculture.” Krissy said. All agreed if he could see the youngsters now, and their friends having good time, he’d approve.

There are actually dreams attached to this local field. Dreams that include such items as a backstop, lights, bleachers and more. If those dreams depend on the enthusiasm of these young people, don’t be surprised if they come true.