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Local candidates for Election Day

By Staff | Nov 1, 2013

Election Day will be Tuesday, November 5. There are only a few contested elections this term. Two boroughs are contending for mayor, Montgomery and Muncy.

Perry Shoemaker is running on the Democratic ticket against incumbent Andrew Onufrak II, a Republican in the Montgomery Borough. Running for Montgomery Borough Council are five contenders for four vacancies. Donald Feaster, James McCarty, Fae Herv and Tina M. Turner are all running on the Republican ticket and Richard Williams is running on the Democrat side.

Democrat Elizabeth Preston will be running against Republian, Jonathan Ort in the Muncy mayoral race. Both are new in the election, after Mayor Ed Danneman resigned.

In Hughesville, Walt Reed is running on both parties and is the only candidate for mayor. He is up for another four year term.

Also in the Hughesville Borough, three candidates are running for Borough Council. Andrew Mook is running on the Republican Party against Gerald Kilgus and Jeffrey Berger who are both on the Democratic ticket. Only two can be voted in for a four year term.

Moreland Township is seeking a new Supervisor and two are running for the position. Darrin Scott Wertz is running as a Republican against Democrat candidate, Jay Snyder. Also Sandra Peterman, a Republican, is running against Andrea Young, a Democrat for Inspector of Elections.

Also on the ballot is a 5 part questionnaire for Judicial retention asking for additional terms as Justice of the Supreme Court and the Superior Court of the Commonwealth of PA and for the Court of Common Pleas, the 29th Judicial District of Lycoming County.

Hugh McGee, Democrat is running for Sheriff against Mark Lusk, Republican.