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By Staff | Nov 19, 2013

A ribbon cutting ceremony took place November 15 for Woodlands Bank at 2 South Main Street, Hughesville. Left to right: Cathy Houseknecht, Pam Shearer, Debra Page, Charlene Huylo, Michelle Lawson, Branch Manager, Janelle Gross, Daisy Somits, Jon Conklin, Bank President and Bob Forse, former CEO and Bank President.

HUGHESVILLE – A grand opening and a warm welcome brought many local residents in Hughesville on the morning of Friday, November 15 to Woodlands Bank. It was indeed a day for celebratory tribute, for 2 South Main Street has always been a bank. First built 125 years ago, the brick building on the corner of Main and Water Streets, has continually served its community as a financial institution.

Before the ribbon cutting ceremony outside, President and CEO, Jon Conklin announced, “We feel thankful that we are able to move in and continue to serve community banking in Hughesville for 125 years.”

Robert Forse who was former president for many years at Woodlands Bank and will be retiring at the end of this year said, “There were other potential sites, but our first desire was to try and get this building.” The board was able to purchase the building, formerly First National Bank, on September 20. It was officially open, “a soft opening” according to Conklin, on October 21.

“November is a month to give thanks and there are a fortunate series of events that led us to be here in the Hughesville community on this corner,” added Conklin, “and hiring the wonderful staff we have here.” He acknowledged how the talent of dedicated employees got things “up and running smoothly. It was a team effort, very well done and appreciated.”

Charley Hall, who spoke for Representative Garth Everett, welcomed this “second branch in the 84th District” in reference to the nearby Pennsdale location. “Since the building was built, this has been an historical bank building,” said Hall. “The building never remained vacant as many can be seen across the Commonwealth.” Its classic architecture will always give it a traditional look.

Plans to improve service include additional parking behind the building and adding the drive-thru behind the teller line.

A drawing for several donations from area businesses will be available until December 2 and there is no need to open an account to participate.