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Planning Commission approves zoning change

By Staff | Jan 14, 2014

PENNSDALE – Muncy Township supervisors attended a meeting with Ashler Manor and Lycoming County Planning Commission recently concerning the property on John Brady Drive.

The Muncy Township Planning Commission had approved a change in zoning to accommodate the construction of an office building for Ashler Manor, even though the township supervisors were not on board with this decision.

Supervisors were trying to keep some say in the future decision making process with the property. The change from Suburban Estate to Suburban Mix would allow the project to move forward and also would open up a lot of possibilities to expand and make changes that may not be favorable to the area.

“We had our concerns for future development and wanted to reserve the right to be a part of it,” explained township supervisor Paul Wentzler. “We are pleased that the county was able to come up with a solution to the potential problem.”

County officials added an amended text to the proposal change in zoning allowing the township supervisors to be a part of any future expansion to the property.

In other matters, the township is looking into purchasing a new computer. The computer now being used is seven years old. The supervisors are working with CompuGen to develop a computer system capable of monitoring the security system and provide new updated office software. Township Supervisor Tom Schaech recommended the cost to not exceed $1,500.

The fire company reported that the new engine is in service and the brush truck is out of service. According to the report, the brush truck won’t pass inspection and the company is looking for a place to store it.

In police reports, incidents regarding traffic flow at the mall and surrounding areas were average with no major issues this year. “The amount of theft during the Christmas season is still being determined,” according to Police Chief Chris McKibben. “We had so many calls that we got behind on our paperwork. Those reports will be done soon.”