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Muncy Postmaster retires after 30 years of service

By Staff | Feb 4, 2014

Employees of the Muncy Post Office gave Postmaster, Maggie Magagna (center) a farewell retirement party last Thursday. Friday, January 31st was her last day at work.

MUNCY – Maggie Magagna didn’t always want to be a postmaster. With a degree in music education, she intended on being a music teacher after she graduated from college. She was even hired at Loyalsock School District. But then she saw an ad for postal workers. Maggie loves to be outdoors so she thought she would take the required civil service test, and she was hired almost immediately. At the time it was a pioneer field for women.

She has spent the last 30 years in the industry, working her way up the ladder with training, a working knowledge of the system, and compassion for all she met along the way.

Magagna started working in Williamsport on Reach Road in 1985 until 2003. She was then transferred to Antes Fort as Postmaster, and shortly after that came to the Hughesville location.

After former Muncy Postmaster, Tim Stockdale passed away, Maggie came to Muncy. For awhile she was working under the two branches.

She knew the routes, the walking routes, the rural routes and the names of the residents. “Employees are great here,” she commented. “We work together for the common goal to get the mail out.”

John Fave from the Muncy Post Office presented Postmaster, Maggie Magagna, a surprise gift from the employees last Thursday morning as they celebrated her retirement from 30 years of service.

While stationed in Muncy, Magagna also spent time covering the Eagles Mere office. She said she has performed just about every task imaginable with the post office. She has carried mail and walked the routes. “I know the mail boxes, the mail slots, and the neighborhoods,” she said. She even made notes for each route in Muncy so that any subs or alternates will know what to do. “If someone comes in late because of a construction problem or some other hang-up, I usually know what they’re talking about,” she added. Often Maggie was the sub. She said she lost 15 pounds walking the routes as a fill-in during Hurricane Sandy week.

Peg Krauter who has been with the Muncy Post Office for the past 25 years, will be the interim postmaster. She is currently the supervisor, working her way up the ladder from a part time employee.

The employees had a surprise party for Maggie last Thursday with a cake resembling the Post Office and hand made by Karole Smith. The staff also surprised her with gift certificates to the movies and one to purchase a new work bench. Magagna likes to do construction and remodeling projects on the side in her Williamsport home. She is planning a big plumbing project and when she opened the gift card, she was pleasantly surprised. “Maggie loves movies,” said Peg.

Maggie also said she hopes to go on a train trip across country to Utah and she will continue doing volunteer work with the Food Bank.

Maggie, well known to many, bid her tearful farewells on Friday, January 31st, her last day at the Muncy Post Office.