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School, business and technology share connections

By Staff | Apr 8, 2014

In the video lab's sound room at Hughesville High School, Technology Adviser, Steve Renn, demonstrates video editing and background recordings on the video wall to members of the GHBA. Officers Robbin Fry and Suzanne Holmes are in the background.

HUGHESVILLE – Last month members of the Greater Hughesville Business Association (GHBA) were greeted by East Lycoming Superintendent Michael Pawlik and Steve Renn from the school’s technology department.

The GHBA wanted to learn more about the on-site live video streaming and the digital media opportunities for their businesses.

“No one is doing this in our area,” said Pawlik as he led 17 business members to the high school’s mobile, live production studio. “Videos and commercials can be created with professional quality graphics and state of the art software in our labs,” said Renn. “Video sells.”

Ranging from 30 seconds to one minute, live commercials created by the students from the Video Production Club (VPC) can be produced for local businesses and organizations.

“The school recently obtained a technology grant, which has allowed our school to construct a professional quality video studio,” Renn announced.

The club is able to broadcast live morning announcements, school news shows, and most importantly, live events such as sports and musicals throughout the school year.

In the technology lab, Renn demonstrated how various backgrounds could be made with a simple digital superimposed simulation to give the viewer the feeling of being at another location such as a beach or stadium.

One of the businesses that have benefited from this technology is Rick Mahonski Jewelers in South Williamsport. After spending 8 hours in his studio, the students produced a 15 and 30 second video commercial for his website.

“We have increased the number of our viewers by ten times the amount since our first live broadcast on September 21st, 2012,” Renn said as he hopes to increase more awareness.

The VPC has put together four price package options for businesses that include custom features, livestream banners, and standard commercials with customer specifications.

The commercials can then be aired live during sporting events and concerts and used for broader audiences.

“We are consumer oriented, producing a product,” Pawlik added. The school also has an ‘East Lycoming App’ that can be downloaded for free. Already, there is a strong following by Hughesville alumni. “They can watch our sports events live from far away at any point in time.”

Susquehanna Health also hired the VPC to video record a training event for athletic trainers. This was a good experience for students to learn the products in order to produce the videos. Students get a chance to practice skills of video editing and web page design. The Pennsylvania State Computer Fair is a current project where students expose their original work. Often they start at 7 in the morning and stay late after school. The program is an elective.

Pawlik revealed several business tips and suggestions for the GHBA to use and shared some previous commercials that were developed by the students. Partnering with the LCTC, the school is offering a course as an elective on starting and operating your own business from budgeting to marketing. “Now, many want to work for themselves; so let’s give them the opportunity,” said Pawlik.