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Office of District Justice will relocate

By Staff | Aug 12, 2014

A crane sets a building on its foundation on Route 405 in Muncy Creek Township. The new location will house the offices of District Judge, Jon E. Kemp.

MUNCY – “We’ve outgrown this facility,” said District Judge Jon E. Kemp who shared reasons for moving District Office 29-3-03 from the Margaret Waldron building at 46 South Main Street in Muncy to a new location along Route 405 in Muncy Creek Township.

Kemp said the size of the new facility is 3500 square feet and will include a courtroom, reception area with larger space for staff, two conference rooms and holding cells.

The Waldron site does not have holding cells, a waiting area or conference rooms. “The conference rooms will provide areas separating the witnesses and accused so they may speak with lawyers in privacy and safety. This is an emotional time and at present, witnesses, the accused and families of both sit side by side in the waiting area which currently is the hallway. And also, sometimes incarcerated persons escorted by police have sat in the back of the courtroom awaiting their turn while other cases are being heard,” the judge said.

The future schedule for Kemp’s office is as follows:

The office at the Waldron building will be open for walk-ins to pay fines or other paper processing. They will be closed from September 29 through October 3. On Monday, October 6, the office will reopen at the new location.

The building and grounds for the new District Office was recently purchased by the county. Ownership means the county no longer needs to lease space. The purchased property consists of two adjoining parcels with sale pending on the second portion where the structure of the former Barto Automotive business remains standing.