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Residents organize Halloween parade in borough

By Staff | Oct 24, 2014

The Halloween parade in Hughesville will have a different route this year.

HUGHESVILLE – The parade that almost wasn’t — that was until Mary Ann Kuntz and Deb Sullivan came up to the plate and took on the responsibility of organizing this year’s Halloween parade in the Hughesville borough.

This parade had been a community event for over 60 years. Many residents recall going to the parade as children and the thought of not having one just wasn’t an option according to the two residents. Formerly, it was sponsored by the Jaycees before they folded, and then the Greater Hughesville Business Association took on the task.

For the past several years, the GHBA organized sponsors, judges and floats. However, they decided to drop the endeavor due to a lack of sufficient support and time restraints. “It has not been profitable for us,” replied president, Suzanne Holmes.

Earlier this month the two women proceeded to obtain the necessary paperwork and got approval from the borough. Since then they have been busy getting sponsors for prize money.

Liability insurance from PennDot was a lot more if the parade marched on Main Street because it is a state owned road. However, an alternate route was proposed and the necessary permits allowed the parade to travel on side streets instead.

“The citizens of Hughesville have been so supportive and grateful,” said Kuntz.

“We also think that there will be better parking and less congestion than on Main Street,” she added.

The parade is open to all ages and floats are invited to participate. Sullivan sent flyers home to the students asking for walkers, animals and costumes galore. “Many of us watched this parade as kids,” replied Sullivan who also said she really enjoys doing it.

“We are keeping traditions alive, and it gives us a sense of community in our growing town,” Kuntz said. “It brings people together.” Sullivan also added that the kids and staff at the school where she works “were in an uproar” when they first heard it was cancelled.

“They love it and have always looked forward to it.” Staff members, teachers and students have already donated money towards cash prizes. “Renn and Ferrell Elementary schools have had dress down days to raise prize money,” informed Sullivan.

There has been a great response from the community who are “glad to see it’s on!”

Many businesses have also contributed and agreed to support it again next year.

Also helping is Sherry Young, Borough Secretary. “She really helped us get things rolling.”

Judges are lined up according to Sullivan and judging will take place at the Hughesville High School parking lot where the parade will begin. “The judging will be done first so come early between 4:30 and 5 p.m.,” Sullivan said. First prize placed float will receive $100 sponsored by Haywoods Bar & Grill.

The parade will be held Thursday, October 30 before trick or treating which starts at 6 p.m.. “We expect one of the biggest parades ever this year,” Sullivan said.

The parade is sponsored by the borough in partnership with Freezers Auto Parts and Sullivans Service Station.


Starts in the HHS parking lot, turn right on Cemetery Street, left on Railroad St., left on Walnut, left on Broad, left on Academy, and left on Railroad, ending at the Fire Hall parking lot.