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River Town Montgomery planning next revitalization

By Staff | Dec 2, 2014

PHOTO BY BARB BARRETT/The Luminary This site in Montgomery borough is about to be abandoned since there is going to be a new water and sewage treatment plant which is now under construction for Montgomery and Muncy. It is now under consideration to be revitalized using DCNR grant money.

MONTGOMERY – The business community is working together to help the economy grow and serve the needs of its residents. Bi-monthly meetings are held between Tickle’s Music store (evenings) and Valley Rehab (mornings). Members are also working with the high school to help prioritize projects. High school civics classes have been conducting surveys on Montgomery with comments asking for better marking lines on crosswalks, improved sidewalks, bus stop improvements, a better skate board park and more flower and tree plantings.

“The intersection on Main Street was one area of particular interest,” said Becky Sanqueldolce, “and who has the right of way in front of the Station House restaurant. This can be a confusing intersection.”

Peggy Yohn suggested placement of spring bulbs in front of the “Welcome Montgomery” signs and at the “T intersection” across from the Station House. “Daffodils and crocuses can be planted on both sides of the stretch,” she said.

Meanwhile the Montgomery Fire Company applied for a grant from the Dept. of Community and Economic Development to improve the carnival grounds but was denied. Alice Trowbridge from Susquehanna Greenway suggested looking at other ways to seek funding for community projects. She also discussed getting the fire company involved in planning and revitalizing the gateways to Montgomery, have them identify more what projects they really need. “An acknowledgement from them will help the process,” she said.

Funds for future green infrastructure projects were requested from the borough for two to three thousand dollars.

According to Trowbridge one of the sites that is being looked at closely is the water and sewage treatment plant site along the railroad on the Bower Street Extension. It will likely be abandoned and forgotten if improvements are not identified for potential use. This could create a new opportunity for riverfront access and open up more land for public use. Main Street could possibly be extended there for motor vehicle access.

The treatment plant would make a good prospective site as it already has water and electric in place. It has been looked at for planning, and because a new water treatment plant is being built, it has been donated to the borough for a fee of one dollar. Soon the plant will shut down as new sewer lines are now being put in place. “This will open up opportunities for the borough,” said Trowbridge.

There is still the possibility of linking Muncy and Montgomery with a bike trail according to Trowbridge. She discussed a par study on the River Walk and the possibility to extend the trail down to Allenwood. “There could be peddle and paddle events,” she suggested. “This corridor would be something to look into, and what it would involve to make a trail there. It’s county owned land and we could look into it more.” She also mentioned that DCNR has some funding left for technical assistance.

The “Peer to Peer program” provides funding for recreational planning specifically for small communities to come in and set up a program. “Designated River Towns can apply for this,” said Trowbridge who is the Greenway Coordinator for Susquehanna Greenway Partnership. “That would likely be the next step. Only a thousand dollars needs to be provided by the community.”

Due to safety issues, the committee readily agreed to make the pedestrian crossings a primary project for now and further planning will take place at December’s meeting.