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Philanthropist chronicles adopted hometown 

By Staff | Jan 13, 2015

Attending a presentation of the “Muncy Encyclopedia” to the Lycoming County Historical Society in Williamsport was (L-R): State Rep. Garth Everett; author Thomas T. Taber III and Gary Parks, Director at the Lycoming County Historical Society and Thomas T. Taber Museum.  

WILLIAMSPORT – A gathering to recognize Thomas T. Taber III and the donation of his latest book to the Lycoming County Historical Society (LCHS) was held Wednesday, Dec. 17 at the Thomas Taber Museum in Williamsport.

Known as “The Muncy Encyclopedia”, it contains 2,700 pages and is a compilation of historical data of the county. A veritable resource for genealogists is Taber’s assembling of marriages and deaths garnered from the Luminary weekly newspaper. Also included are materials published during the U.S. Bicentennial, and from 28 books and booklets Taber authored over the years. Additionally, smatterings of advertisements identify many early Muncy area businesses.

Of the three volume set, Taber said, “The Muncy Encyclopedia is my final contribution to Muncy, my adopted home of 54 years, a community. I am pleased to have played a tiny part in fulfilling its reputation, as being uniquely different from usual small towns that dot the Pennsylvania countryside.”

The work is dedicated to Garth Everett of which Taber said, “If it were not for his kind action years ago, I would never have completed it.” The response by Everett was, “I hadn’t known about the dedication until one day he knocked on my door and handed me a copy. I am honored.”

The kind action to which Taber eluded occurred in May 2009, when Everett presented the author with a citation from the Commonwealth’s House of Representatives. In part it reads, “For his lifetime of work preserving the history and heritage of the people of Pennsylvania and their relationships with the forests and railroads.” Everett added, “I thought Mr. Taber deserved such recognition. I’ve known him for many years, first as my father’s co-worker, and for the past 15 years as my neighbor on Muncy’s Main Street. He never hesitates to share his opinions with me.”

Upon receiving a copy of the book plus CD’s of the same content, LCHS Director, Gary Parks said, “Mr. Taber has contributed so much to the history of North Central Pennsylvania, which now includes this study of Muncy. In the past, he edited the well respected journal ‘Now and Then’ (published by the Muncy Historical Society), and shared his extensive research of logging and railroads with us. In this latest gesture, he is allowing us to provide CD copies of the ‘Encyclopedia of Muncy’ to those interested in the history of the town and its people. It makes for interesting reading.”

CD’s are available at the Taber museum store, and a second hard copy of the book is shelved at the Muncy Public Library.