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New year expected to “be profitable” for business association

By Staff | Jan 28, 2015

photo by BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Muncy Professional Business Association executive board members (left to right) Kim Feigles, Chris Johnson, Ann Baker, Mark Cromier, and Mike Klein discuss marketing plans for 2015 with a focus on building new membership.

MUNCY – Business proceeded with much enthusiasm and expected plans with positive outcomes for the new year as announced by the Muncy Professional Businees Association’s executive board members on January 8, 2015.

Mark Cromier, executive member said some minor changes were made to the by-laws in order to make them easier to read for new members. He also announced that 2014 was a successful year and they look forward for a profitable year ahead.

A newsletter will be introduced soon to announce community and business events, speakers and fundraisers. Also listed will be membership benefits, and networking opportunities.

Membership cards are being printed for all members through member, Keystone Advertising on John Brady Drive in Muncy. The executive board is also working on a brochure to encourage new business members to join and to inform the business community of their goals and accomplishments, and also to promote their website that includes calendar of events, news, and membership directory.

“We want to build on the events and focus on developing membership and what to give to our members,” expressed Kim Wetherhold. The group is also hoping for a member increase from their existing 50. “It is a growing process,” Cromier said.

Muncy 4th Friday will continue for the months of June, July and August with music and vendors who have already contacted the organization for space this year. The live band, Covert Action, is already scheduled to play again in June, and Mike Klein announced plans for Aaron Kelley who “tentatively has agreed to a date.” Smash the Car event is also going to come back this year, reported the committee.

September will once again feature the annual Corvette Show on Main Street, a significant fundraiser for MPBA, and a Fall Festival is being planned for the month of October. “An Octoberfest will be a nice community event and we will have things to do for children,” said Ann Baker.

“A total of five big events is enough to start with, and focus on doing these events well,” announced Baker who also explained that April and May were too busy with school events and graduation. “The summer months are a good time to focus on the 4th Friday events,” she added, “and if successful, then we can add another event the following year.”

Cromier said it was important to keep the annual Halloween parade and the Christmas movie, but allow more planning time “to do it right.” Last December’s movie had about 70 kids and the Muncy FBLA was able make almost 200 hundred dollars in the concessions.

A fundraiser idea was discussed, a thought brought up by Mike Klein, with Wise Crackers Comedy Club based in State College. Other ideas were proposed that included social mixers, speakers from the Muncy fire companies, changing general meeting structures, and a selection of guest speakers.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 5 at Orlando’s Deli.