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Farmers markets, cash raffle, planter boxes and new brochure discussed at GHBA

By Staff | Mar 19, 2015

HUGHESVILLE – The Greater Hughesville Business Association (GHBA) has been quite active so far this month trying to put together some new ideas and activities to drive more commerce into the district, and the downtown hub of Hughesville.

Some of the anticipated projects will include another raffle with cash prizes which will begin in October instead of June.

Application deadlines for the annual Five to Drive event will be due at the end of September and more publicity will be added at an earlier date to attract more visitors. The team is also working with the East Lycoming School District to allow opportunities for students to do community service during the event and there will be an extra push with more giveaways for Small Business Saturday which falls the day after Black Friday.

It was also discussed to put out planters to spruce up the exteriors of businesses and Cheri Richards from the House of Flowers volunteered to water them.

The GHBA also joined the Williamsport Lycoming Chamber of Commerce hoping to network events through other businesses, and they are expecting a larger turnout for the annual golf tournament, the largest fundraiser for the group.

The annual business mixer was cancelled at the Moose this year, and instead, a new four color brochure with member listings and business perks will be circulated by the end of April to attract more members.

Doug Spotts voted to renew the Games of Chance for May 2015 and the motion was carried. Suzanne Holmes is working on certificates of community service and a Bridal Expo was discussed as well as establishing a “Farmer’s Market” in the borough.

A survey poll is being developed on the Luminary website to see what interest is out there for setting up a farmer’s market for the summer and fall. Meanwhile, Suzanne Holmes, President of GHBA, will look into the cost of buying or renting out the “pop-up” awning tents. A location will also be decided. “Right now we are in the information gathering stage,” said Holmes. “We want to get more feedback from the community for further ideas.” She said she would like to get up about 40 vendors to participate and sell fresh, local produce, plants and baked goods. More information will come at a later date.

A guest speaker was on board for the Feb. 17 meeting. Bryan Boyer from the Hughesville Fire Department spoke about fire safety and pre-planning for local business owners in case of fire or disaster. He advised them to check measurements, know exit routes, install sprinkler systems and be aware of any outside hazards. “This would prevent less damage to the business if the firefighters know where everything is up front,” Boyer said. There are forms that can be completed in advance with the information to give to the fire department.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 17 and members will vote for new officers.