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Susquehanna Health surgeons expand services

By Staff | Apr 22, 2015

PHOTO BY BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Dr. Timothy Judge and Dr. Matthew Souder are two highly trained general surgeons who are now performing general procedures for Susquehanna Health at the Muncy Valley Hospital.

MUNCY – Some changes took place at Susquehanna Health’s Muncy Valley Hospital after the first of the year in the surgery department. On Tuesday, April 7 an open house was held at the new Susquehanna Health Innovation Center at the Williamsport location, and Dr. Matthew Souder and Dr. Timothy Judge, two new surgeons, were available to introduce themselves and explain their routine at Muncy Valley Hospital.

They are also stationed at the Williamsport location where they shared their schedules and opened their offices and staff at the new Innovation Center on the first floor where there is also a new modern outpatient facility.

They said that they regularly visit Muncy Hospital two times a week and also see patients on an average of one day a week. “We have offices in Muncy and often perform minor procedures and surgical operations there,” replied Dr. Souder who said he also grew up in this area.

The two surgeons are able to use the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies while at Muncy Hospital, and according to their testimony, they provide a comprehensive treatment plan for a wide range of complex diseases.

Some of their well known procedures they perform include hernia repair, anti-reflux surgery, bowel and colon surgery, thyroid disease, skin lesions, tumors and minimally invasive surgery for appendectomy and gall bladder removal.

Both doctors said they are accepting new patients and hope to expand their services here in Muncy. Dr. Souder said he is there in Muncy Friday mornings and performs his surgeries Friday afternoons. Dr. Judge is there Tuesday afternoons and performs his surgeries then or Friday mornings. “I really enjoy going to Muncy,” he said. “The patients are very appreciative and allow us flexibility.”