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‘Hail to thee, our Alma Mater at Montgomery High’

By Staff | Jun 11, 2015
Students get ready to enter Montgomery’s Athletic Complex for their 2015 graduation ceremony last Friday night.
“Proud to be a Montgomery graduate” Valedictorian Emily Winder addresses her fellow classmates at graduation.

MONTGOMERY – As senior members of Virtuoso sang the National Anthem, 57 members of the graduating class of 2015 from Montgomery High School settled in their seats to hear the inspiring words of their fellow classmates.

Emily Winder who was valedictorian spoke fondly of one of her teachers, Mr. Renn and how his dedication to Montgomery students as well as other teachers contributed to her success. She advised her colleagues to always challenge themselves. “Succeed, never fail and always remember your roots,” she said. Quoting Winston Churchill, she added, “We are courageous fighters.” Winder who will be starting a career soon in engineering, reminded everyone that leaders create more leaders. “Individuality is a key to success. We should help and inspire to do more. I am proud to say ‘I am a Montgomery graduate.'”

Salutatorian, Ellen Hill also gave some memorable advice. “Education is a journey,” she said. “It takes hard work and effort, and yes, sometimes failure. Setting goals is the best thing to do.” She told her peers that an education is an opportunity to discover new things. “Graduation is not the end, only the first step to our journey.” Quoting Harriet Tubman, Hill said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” Hill plans on going to school for nursing in the fall.

Keynote speaker was Kevin More who graduated from the class of 1994 and is currently a certified nurse anesthetist at York Hospital. Starting out in finance with a BS degree from Villanova, he told the class that life’s experiences can be like a game of poker. “The more options you have, the more you can increase your odds in life.” Although he started in finance, he said another opportunity took him into a nursing career. Explaining that failure may have to come before success, he advised to do the best you can. “Life is like poker. Learning and hard work will never end. Go and make a better place for us all.”

After the speech, high school principal, Michael Prowant presented the diplomas and gave some encouraging words, “Every job is the self worth of the person who did it.”