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Baseball field renamed for Granddad Heivly

By Staff | Jul 30, 2015

PHOTO BY - CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Hunter Heively renamed the family ball field near Clarkstown soon after his grandfather passed away last March. Insert is photo of William L. Heivly.

CLARKSTOWN – Although the William N. Heivly Memorial Field is a private family owned area east of Clarkstown, numerous young people have assembled there. Guests have included friends and fellow team mates of eldest son Hunter, and his siblings Olivia, Ava and Jacobie Heivly, children of Jeremie and Krissy Heivly, and the only grandchildren of William and Sue Heivly.

After his grandfather passed away last March, Hunter immediately began constructing the ball field sign. Only after it had been placed and lighted was the grandmother brought to see it. “It was an emotional time,” the grandson said.

In addition to the name change from Lucy’s Field to Heivly Memorial Field, Hunter said, “Improvements have included a more defined baseline, break-away bases, new fencing, bleachers, and solar lights to illuminate the sign and flag at night.”

The experience Hunter’s had playing baseball over the years landed him a spot on the Muncy High School baseball team. Wearing shirt number 33, Hunter, who’ll be a junior this fall, is an outfielder.

The private field, enlarged to accommodate older players, can also be downsized as a Little League field for younger brother Jacobie and his team mates. Additionally, the area is used for soccer ball and kick ball.

The field and many additional amenities are a magnet for young people, and the parents say, “It’s good to know where their children are.

Grandpa Heivly was a retiree from Andritz in the molding department. He and wife Sue who survives him, resided in Muncy. Hunter and his grandfather hunted and took many tours around the countryside in his truck. Another of grandpa’s favorite past times was viewing footage from trail cameras positioned on the property. “He loved wildlife and hunting. He was also a veteran,” Hunter said.

Now at age sixteen and with a driver’s license, Hunter has several summer jobs thanks to his experience at manicuring lawns and grounds. However, none will be as special as their home based Heivly Field.