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New business markets high end properties with local artisans

By Staff | Feb 17, 2016

Rebecca Noviello and Eric Getz, owners of The Market Real Estate Group, recently held an open house for a historic stone 5 bedroom property located on Pond Road in Pennsdale.

PENNSDALE – “This was a hugely successful open house,” said Rebecca Noviello, co-owner of The Market Real Estate Group, a newly formed independent marketing firm for residential and commercial real estate.

On Sunday, February 7th Noviello and co-owner, Eric Getz, held an open house by organizing 25 quality local artisans to help move a vacant historical property on 1596 Pond Road in Muncy Township that has been on the market for some long time by previous realtors. “No one has done this before,” said Noviello, a native to the Muncy area. “This is epic,” she continued. “Everything here is all local and hand made.” The real estate firm held an unofficial opening for their new business in early November at their office location on 151 John Brady Drive.

This is their first big listing priced at half a milllion dollars. According to Getz about 350 people attended the five bedroom open house, perhaps many being curiosity seekers. However the artisans were pleased with the concept and commented on how they would like to do something like this again.

Noviello who is certified in life-coaching said, “We want to reach out to higher-end properties.” This property dates back to 150 years. It was built in 1799. The five bedroom home has been restored but it was originally a working farm built by Samuel Wallis.

Listed as “Edgend” it was historically known as the Wishing Well Farm and its colonial features can be seen throughout the property. Black walnlut trees dating back to its origin surround the 4 acres of this residence as well as fruit trees and chestnut trees. Recently added is a re-creation of a Neoclassical octagonal garden as seen at Hill-stead Farm in Connecticut.

Local artisan, Melinda Orr, was one of 24 artists who were part of an open house on 1596 Pond Road, a historic property built in 1799.

The original structure is log and was built around 1769 and located on the east side, facing the old well. The stone portion of the house was added onto by Mary (daughter of Samuel Wallis) and her husband, Dr. William Kent Lathey in 1799.

In 1832 the house was acquired by Henry Ecroyd who enlarged it some more by building a frame L section onto the North and West sides. According to its recorded history, it was Ecroyd who named the property “Edgend” after his ancestral home in Lancashire, England. His descendants continued to live in the home well into the twentieth century.

Yellow heart pine floors and 18 inch thick stone walls are in the original part. Additions were added in 1850, 1905 and 1994. The main roof and porches are handhewn cedar with copper valleys. It was once used as an equestrian farm and there is an older two story barn with horse stalls and a tack room.

The property can be seen by appointment by calling Rebecca Noviello at 570-971-5211.