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Business organization preparing for Muncy 4th Fridays

By Staff | Feb 24, 2016

MUNCY – Recently the Muncy Professional Business Association (MPBA) met to solidify plans for 2016 after introducing the new board.

President, Ann Baker addressed some important dates to the members attending the first meeting of the year at Orli’s Deli where the group usually meets monthly.

Baker also said she is hoping representatives from each of the townships in the Muncy area will come next month and discuss their recent plans and municipality improvements.

“Our focus will be the growing business year,” said Baker who also added that there are currently 50 members in the organization. Encouraging new members to join, businesses will be “spotlighted on facebook” and featured in the media under a “What’s New” feature, and add a “member to member network of business referrals.” This month The Market Real Estate Group has joined and featured an open house of the historical property on Pond Road in Pennsdale.

More community awareness will also be a focus, with more involvement in the schools and the community. MPBA will continue to raise money for scholarships, partner with FBLA, and sponsor parades. “Our business network should offer benefits for other businesses,” added Baker. “Membership dues become a value.”

Tables are now arranged at Orlando’s Deli during the meetings so everyone can have the option of ordering dinner while there, a perfect example of supporting another business member.

A Veteran’s Day program is being planned for Memorial Day at the Muncy High School. A date to sponsor a Community day at the pool will be announced for June and will be an annual event. Last year’s was a success according to Baker. Also this year will be two socials for members, one in October and again in December.

The Muncy 4th Fridays have also grown to be a success, and the committee announced dates for June 24, July 22, and August 26. Chair, Kim Wetherhold said there will be live musical performances, food and crafts from 6 to 9 p.m. Aaron Kelly will be returning again in August, Family Ties will be on stage for June and A-Team, a local Muncy band, for July. Business members will have the opportunity to sponsor the entertainment with a visual “banner.” The dunk tank, balloon lady, bounce house and corn husking are are also scheduled to return.

The executive board who met in January suggested an “Octoberfest” for October, blocking off Main Street and possibly adding a “beer and wine tent” with authentic German food, crafters and fall vendors, but a chairperson would be needed to help organize it.

The Corvette show is scheduled for September 17 from 10 to 3 and will be led by the Corvette Association. MPBA will sponsor and set up the coinciding artisan’s show and food court.

Bill Poulton from the Muncy Historical Society made a notation to remember Muncy’s history and its origins as he referenced 150 years for marking the historical significance of having Sprout-Waldron here. The Luminary also remarked its history this year for being in existence for 175 years.

To end the year, the organization will support small business Saturday on November 26 and help with Santa’s arrival in December.

The next meeting for MPBA will be March 3rd at Orlando’s Deli at 6:30 p.m. New members from the surrounding Muncy area are encouraged to attend. “The more members we can get to join, the better our pool of volunteers becomes which will allow us to take on new events,” concluded Baker.