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Inspired moments given to graduates of 2016

By Staff | Jun 9, 2016

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Led by Valedictorian, Cameron Good, 68 seniors from Muncy High School proceeded to receive diplomas on Friday, May 27 in front of the high school building.

MUNCY – A most memorable time took place for sixty eight seniors on Friday night, May 27, when they graduated from Muncy High School as the class of 2016. Beginning with the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ from the Muncy High School Chorus and followed by a well orchestrated outdoor procession to the front of the school, the ceremony brought tears of joy to several family members and guests.

Peyton Daley who wrote the class poem, introduced the class valedictorian and program speakers. The poem, “Remember When” was read by Austin Orr following an ‘Inspirational Reading’ by Emily Coyner. The poem itself is a reflection back on their high school years with teachers and “dearest friends.”

Cameron Good, senior Valedictorian, gave an inspirational quote by Jeremy Irons and also addressed to his peers, “With determination, we can do great things.” He spoke of memories and first accomplishments, and shared times to remember forever. “Make opportunities for new memories. Our lives are full of firsts,” he added. “Life beyond high school leads to our next set of firsts. We control our future.”

“I wish you luck, never give up on your dreams,” spoke Salutatorian, Seth Roller before Good introduced the keynote speaker, Dr. Carl Lund. A Muncy graduate of 1972, Lund spoke of his degree in chemical engineering and the steps that led him to such an unexpected career discovery at the corporate level, and a professor at the The State University of New York at Buffalo. He has published 63 journal articles and has served on many national agencies such as the Environmental Protective Agency. Dr. Carl Lund is recognized by the National Science Foundation and five times was awarded chemical engineer professor of the year at his university. Dr. Lund congratulated the graduates and gave them a round of applause.

His energizing message encouraged the class members to lead a career into something enjoyable to them. “The quality of a person’s life is their pursuit of success,” he stated. “Identify what you learned to lead a rewarding life,” said Dr. Lund despite the fact that some of the “this stuff” learned is never going to be used again. “Some part of it, yes, some not, some you can forget. But the most important thing learned wasn’t the courses, but how to think and how to learn. How to reason, how to think in many different ways. Appreciate how you think. This is the most important thing, because you can always go back and re-learn it. Think and learn. Use it for a rewarding life.”

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary A Muncy graduate from 1972, Dr. Carl Lund was the keynote speaker for Muncy's graduation on May 27, 2016. He was also inducted into the Muncy High School Academic Hall of Fame.

Pursuing passions and finding happiness is what brings success concluded Dr. Lund as he encouraged the 68 graduates to find something they love doing before the class accepted their diplomas.

Led by Salutatorian, Seth Roller, seniors await their diplomas during commencement at Muncy High School.