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River Town Montgomery seeks funding for walking trails

By Staff | Jul 7, 2016

PHOTO SUBMITTED Carey Entz-Rine from the Lycoming County Conservation District escorted 60 children from the  "Summer Alive" lunch and enrichment activities program at the Montgomery park in Montgomery. There they used a kick seine to gather macro-invertebrates, crawdads, clams and small fish to look at and study their habits from the Susquehanna River.

MONTGOMERY – Revitalize Montgomery is moving forward with plans to connect the town with trails along the river. As a designated River Town, they were eligible to apply for a “Peer to Peer” grant that will offer some technical assistance and create partnerships with other organizations and municipalities.

The group started the process in April by meeting with Susquehanna Greenway who assisted them in the grant process as well as the Montgomery Borough, and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). “It helps to have these letters of support,” said Becky Sanguedolce, committee chair for Revitalize Montgomery. “It is important to get people together and create partnerships, public and private, that would like to contribute their ideas to make this a viable project.”

Sangueldolce met with Wes Feringher from DCNR who helped with “what was needed and the criteria for the grant.” Also the Lycoming County Conservation District “planted and flagged” more seedlings in the reparian buffer zone. “It’s a wooded, shaded area that would lead to little maintenance.”

Letters of support for the grant also came from the county commissioners according to Sanguedolce. The Montgomery Historical Society got involved and identified at least ten historical properties to include. “We are hoping to get more information,” added Becky. “The last historical survey was done in 1976, and an update is needed.”

Along with the grant process, fundraising efforts were organized by Ruby Sanguedolce who held a chili cookout at the Riverside Lounge and raised $140,000 for Revitalize Montgomery.

One of the areas looked at was the skateboard park, its condition and its usage. Sanguedolce commented on how she would like to see some community involvement to help get it resurfaced.

The group also discussed the possibility of making a “resting park” with seating and a walking trail in the area along the stretch between the Little League fields and the river.

Since 2001, the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership has been working to create a corridor of interconnected river towns, trails, parks, river access areas, and conserved lands that link people to the natural and cultural heritage of the Susquehanna River region. Nearly 500 miles in length, it’s the State’s longest greenway.

Revitalize Montgomery is also involved with Summer Alive, Music and Art in the Park. They have organized a Facebook page and will continue meeting to develop a trail system.