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Police request purchase of new police cruiser

By Staff | Dec 21, 2016

MUNCY – This month Muncy Borough Council referred a request for the purchase of a new police cruiser from Police Chief James Dorman to the equipment and finance committees requesting that they report their decision back to council.

Member Karen Richards also reported to council on the posting and bonding of borough streets. She said only borough owned streets could have weight limits posted by the borough and not state owned streets.

Richards noted that of primary concern were residential streets that lead to industrial districts. If the streets are posted, industries that regularly use the streets and have vehicles over the weight limit woud have to post a bond with the borough which in turn would provide monies to repair any damage done to the streets. There was no action taken on this.

In regular business council:

* Approved Mike Coppes as an alternate to the zoning hearing board for a three-year term beginning immediately.

* Approved an application from Providence Engineering to demolish the rear of 21 S. Main St.

* Accepted the resignation of Tara Rall as borough secretary, effective Oct. 27. Rall had served in this capacity for over four years.

Council also voted unanimously to close a deal with Lycoming County on a property at 217 N. Market St. “The property will be torn down and turned into an empty lot due to it being in a flood zone,” said borough manager Bill Ramsey. “We can’t build anything there that would impede the flow of water,” he said, adding that, at a later date, the borough may be able to turn several empty lots in that area into a park or athletic field. “We’re at the mercy of when FEMA says, ‘Hey, there’s money available.'” Ramsey was authorized by council to be the designated agent for Pennsylvania FEMA reimbursement.

A sidewalk committee has been formed and council voted to approve a modified health insurance plan for open enrollment as encouraged by Ramsey. “We can opt out, but not back in,” he said. “We can change these options at no cost.”

Richards also suggested applying for A PennDpt grant to cover transportation and projects for streetscape safety and transportation assets. The deadline was Dec. 16. “We are looking at the streetscape master plan again from 2010,” she said.

Solicitor Christopher Kenyon announced changes for the borough’s nativity scene and asked to remove religious symbols due to possible litigations. Tillie Noviello responded to some upset attendees, “We do not have a budget to be sued by the ACLU or whatever comes after,” she said and asked the audience not to ‘boo’ trying to do something that is legal.