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Corner intersection discussed at length to improve its appearance

By Staff | Feb 8, 2017

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Revitalizing the corner of Washington and Main Streets in Muncy to make it look more aesthetic was under much discussion at last week's meeting with the MPBA. PennDot is scheduled to construct a new overhead light in 2019, therefore nothing permanent can be placed there.

MUNCY – What is going to happen to the intersection on the corner of Main and Water Streets where Rt. 405 crosses into Muncy? The corner has gone through a series of grant proposals from the borough to get the intersection realigned up to codes and to allow larger trucks to make the turn from Main Street onto Rt. 405. Often the turns cannot be completed and trucks literally wind up on the sidewalk.

Several business owners along Main Street want to beautify the corner lot as it is a very recognizable section for those traveling through Muncy.

A lengthy discussion took place at the MPBA meeting held at Orlando’s last Thursday night. Some feel it is an “eyesore” and would like to see something more aesthetic for much of the oncoming traffic to see.

Bill Ramsey, Muncy Borough Manager, said that the project is now in the hands of PennDot. “They will take over the intersection project and its upgrade,” he announced. The $500,000 project will involve new overhead lights with new arms and sensors. A wider turning lane will also be created which will prevent anything permanent to go onto the vacant lot next to the Ritz Theatre on N. Main Street as some of the lot will be needed to post the light arms. There will be no separate turning lane, so as not to encourage trucks to come and turn there according to Ed Feigles from the Muncy Borough Council.

Ramsey also said that none of the money for the project will come through the borough. “It is all coming from PennDot,” he said. The project is part of “The Muncy Corridor” which starts in Montgomery at Routes 54 and 15, goes through Muncy on Route 405 and ends in Hughesville on the intersection of Routes 405 and 220. The project is expected to be started in late 2019 according to Feigles with a possible groundbreaking before then. “There are so many specs and regulations to fulfill for PennDot,” Ramsey said.

Meanwhile it was suggested to do something more pleasing to the eye that is not permanent until the corner is completed by PennDot. At one time the Muncy Rotary considered putting in a little park. Rich Carr wants to put up a gazebo and Bill Poulton offered to donate two large historic millstones with interpretive signs to place there. Flowers can be planted by the Streetscape committee or the Muncy Garden Club. “We would like to see some greenery and foliage, something to show for spring,” said Jackie from Blessings By Design, a retail shop on S. Main Street. Chris Johnson asked for “Welcome” signs on the corner for more community outreach.

A collective agreement was made to have a committee organize something in place for the corner lot while more permanent plans are in the works behind the scenes.