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New brush truck, refurbished tanker added to Muncy Township fire company

By Staff | Apr 19, 2017

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Randy McCauley, assistant fire chief and Scott Oldweiler, Muncy Township fire chief pose in front of the new brush truck recently acquired by the volunteer fire company. It replaced a truck that was 23 years old.

PENNSDALE – A new brush truck and a refurbished tanker have been acquired by the Muncy Township Volunteer Fire Company. Fire chief, Scott Oldweiler said the new truck replaced an old one from 1994. “The engine in 123 did not provide the purpose needed here,” he said. “It was too large for us, and we sold it.”

The company took possession of a new brush truck on December 31, 2016 according to Chief Oldweiler.

The truck was ordered through Aubrey Alexander dealership and is used mainly for fighting brush and forest fires. It came from the factory with the following options: a larger alternator, auxiliary switches, a utility box and four wheel drive. “We started looking back in October,” Oldweiler said, “looking for the right price.” The 1994 truck was bought from another volunteer fire company in Kentucky. With its sale, relief funds, donations, grants and the fundraisers throughout the year from the 30 active members, officers, ladies auxiliary and volunteers, the new purchase would not have happened.

Another enhancement added to the fire company was the refurbished 1991 tanker. It looks brand new with upgraded LED lighting, new upholstery, and restored 2000 GPM hale pump. “It was brought up to current NFP standards,” said Chief Oldweiler. “The engine has rebuilt valves, a great running motor, and a new porta tank rack.” The truck also was undercoated with new paint and new wiring replaced the old. It took five months to complete the restoration process which was done at Stuphen located in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the Picture Rocks volunteer fire company gave Muncy Township a loaner truck.

Oldweiler said he has been fire chief for the past four years, but Muncy Township Volunteer Fire Company was officially named May 19,1949. Longtime member, Lloyd Hubert, the fire company’s engineer, said that was the year he was born and he has seen many changes since then, especially with the fire equipment that he regularly inspects.

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Framed on the office wall, this brush truck was one of the earlier ones acquired by the Pennsdale Fire Company and is believed to be from the early 60s.

Hubert said their first fire truck was a 1941 Hollabird Truck that was used by the United States Army at air fields during World War II.

Known as AKA, Pennsdale Fire Department, Station 23, the members of the Muncy Township Fire Company have been exposing the new truck and refurbished tanker to the public through various community events and fundraisers.

“This year is our 68th anniversary,” said the fire chief. They have been housed in the current building since 1999 which they share with the Muncy Township and the police department. The fire company owns four vehicles altogether.

Other officers are Randy McCauley, assistant chief; Tim Lupold, 2nd assistant chief; Tom Croucher, captain; Chad Wines, assistant captain; Heath Ohnmeiss, Lieutenant; Zach Barto, assistant lieutenant; and Gary Harman, assistant lieutenant. Also there are 8 active female members and all trained volunteers are on call.

On April 13, the new brush truck was called to a small brush fire. A fundraiser, an outdoor tool show and raffle, is scheduled for this Saturday, April 22. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.

The third annual car show is scheduled for Saturday, August 12 and is one of the largest fundraisers so far, next to the fall haunted barn and hayride according to Oldweiler which is organized by the ladies auxiliary.