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LCTC graduates 98 this year

By Staff | Jun 9, 2017

HUGHESVILLE – The Lycoming Career and Technology Center 2017 senior ceremony had a graduating class of 98 at Hughesville High School on Wednesday, May 31st and there was an air of excitement.

Eric W. Butler, executive director, said he had the pleasure of seeing the first graduating class 10 years ago.

“At the time, there were only 50 graduates This year, we’ve got 98! Ten years ago, there was no guarantee the school would make it,” he said. “Ten years later your school has broadened by leaps and bounds. This year’s class is the largest in the history of the school and we continue to grow.”

The guest speaker of the night was Dick Knoebel, owner of Knoebel’s Amusement Park. Butler described Knoebel as “a name you all recognize, a name that puts smiles on faces.”

“Some of you may know what you’re going to do next. Some of you don’t,” said Knoebel who had been accepted into Lehigh University for engineering when he graduated. “I succeeded because I never said, ‘I quit.'”

“For the seventh consecutive year, trades are still the hardest job to fill in the U.S.,” Knoebel said. “These are the people who make America work.”

He said every workplace in the United States requires people with a trade background. He said Knoebel’s has 150 year-round employees, and many of them have trade backgrounds.

“Take pride in what you do,” Knoebel said. “Do your best to train the next generation.”

Austin Coup, of Warrior Run, was selected as student of the year.

Rhaylene Cooley, workforce development coordinator, presented students with their certificates.