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Meteorologist presents program at alumni banquet

By Staff | Jun 9, 2017

RUTH FRY/The Luminary Speaking on behalf of Hughesville High School alumni classes during a banquet at the Hughesville Fire Hall on May 27, 2017 were (seated left-right): Marjorie Winder, 1942; Jack Smith, 1952; Arthur Fry, 1957; Barry Heddings, 1962; Larry Michael, 1967; (standing) Lauren McClain, 1977; Leslie Kepner, 1982; Joe Sanders and Kurt Aaron Carichner, 1987 and Kate Michael, 2012. 

HUGHESVILLE A prediction of fair weather was ‘right on’ for May 27 when meteorologist Kurt Aaron Carichner spoke to fellow Hughesville High School alumni during the annual banquet at the Hughesville Fire Hall.

A member of the class of 1987, the WNEP Channel 16 weather personality is the third Chief Meteorologist at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton based television station. Aaron provided a power point program describing various types of clouds, storm information, plus a visual tour though the station and backyard.

The speaker shared an experience of seven years ago when a mother bear and her three cubs meandered into the backyard spot where cameras are set for outdoor forecasting. “It was 15 seconds before air time when a noise and movement came from the side of the shed. I dashed for the door and after inside and turning around, the mama bear’s breath was steaming the door’s window,” Aaron said.

Excitement of a different nature occurred with the announcement of a national history preservation award. A rousing applause came from the crowd of 167, many of whom were Robert Webster’s former students when he was awarded the national history preservation award by the Lycoming County DAR.

The annual tradition of hearing from spokespersons from each reunion class continued this year.

RUTH FRY/The Luminary Andrewleen O’Conner, forwarded a donation of $250 from the Hughesville High School class of 1957 to support a butterfly and bird habitat garden at Ashkar Elementary School. Accepting the gift was Mr. Michael Pawlik, District Superintendent of East Lycoming Schools.

Marjorie Winder, class of 1942, recalled a 1929 Ford Model T purchased by four classmates. Kenny Brungard, Elwood Guiswhite, Kenny Glidewell and Danny Reese. Each gave five dollars to purchase the old flivver. The rationing of gas during those WWII years caused the boys to improvise with kerosene. “They painted the car green and buff, our class colors and named her Rosebud. Eventually Guiswhite became sole owner when he returned the money to the others,” Winder said. In addition to Winder, class members present were Ruth Montgomery and Harry Rogers.

Arthur Fry, spokesperson for the class of 1957 said, “Space cadets was the theme for our year book. Somehow Don Lundy had this perception for the future which hadn’t yet arrived.” A more down to earth announcement was made when Fry noted the class had donated to the earth and butterfly habitat at Ashkar Elementary School. The donation of $250 was noted when Andrewleen O’Conner and District Superintendent Michael Pawlik posed for a photo.

Class of 1967 representative Larry Michael, announced their class had raised $1,967 dollars, a portion to purchase a new drone. The class intends to add to their donation by giving a total of $25,000 to the East Lycoming Education Fund providing a 20-year long scholarship.

Michael said, “We met two weeks ago and learned answers to a class survey. Our favorite cafeteria food was barbecue and french fries and Wilma Smith’s cookies. The teacher noted as having the most influence on us was Mr. Robert Webster with Mr. Joseph Ashkar coming in a close second. We invited Mr. Webster and wife Jill to the picnic and awarded a plaque to him.”

Lauren McClain remarked her class of 1977 was the first to enter the new Ashkar Elementary School.

RUTH FRY/The Luminary ‘Pledging their loyalty and letting the chorus ring,’ former Hughesville High School students sang the Alma Mater accompanied by pianist Evelyn McConnell Derrick. Singing was led by alumni president Thomas Smith concluding the 2017 banquet held at the Hughesville Fire Hall on May 27.

Members of the class of 1982 holds an annual reunion in July according to Leslie Kepner.

Kate Michael represented the graduates of 2012 with four members in attendance by saying, “Thanks for inviting us babies.”

Recognition was given to the eldest alumni in attendance who were Jasper Smith of Canton, class of 1941, and his brother Myron Smith of Hughesville, class of 1943 plus three more from the class of 1942.

Participants during the evening included William “Bill” Foresman who gave the invocation. The Alma Mater was led by president Thomas Smith and accompanied by Evelyn Derrick.

Announcement of the Don Myers Memorial Book Award was given by vice president Ann Rider with Alice Jane Marcey drawing the name of graduate Rachael Neatrour. The fire company was awarded the basket offering for upkeep of the building.

For several years, the banquet has been open to all HHS alumni regardless of year. To volunteer on the committee, the first meeting will be held Sunday, February 4, 2018, at 2 p.m. at the museum on 66 South Main Street.