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Pain management and energy work now offered at the Triad Center for Conscious Living

By Staff | Jul 12, 2017

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Brittany Dincher, owner of the Triad Center in Pennsdale, is a certified licensed mental health therapist who has combined holistic studies with science to promote healing and well-being for conscious living. She is practicing Reiki, the movement of energy, on Sara Stubbs of Muncy.

PENNSDALE – Live consciously for better health. This mantra connects with our living spirit and is a mindful connection to help us live longer, healthier lives according to Brittany Dincher, owner of the new Triad Center located at 21 Kristi Road in Pennsdale.

Dincher, who is a 15 year licensed mental health therapist and social worker with a master’s degree, is very pleased to have opened her center at this new location in the Muncy area. Having opened her doors in late spring, she said she loves this area, and does not regret coming here. Formerly in downtown Williamsport she said, “We have more rooms, lots more parking and new additions to our offerings. The new location will serve as a co-working space, where people dedicated to teaching conscious living can work together, share ideas and build a harmonious place where individuals can come to learn how to live in the expression of their most authentic selves.”

When she was a teenager, about 14 or 15 years old, Dincher recalls writing in her journal that she wanted to work with kids and teenagers and find ways to heal. She started with music and art therapy, and now her holistic modalities have taken off as the more prominent feature.

The “Querencia Room” was developed as a place “where one feels safe and where one’s own strength of character is drawn – a place in which one feels home.” Dincher said this room is available for anyone who has the gift to empower others. “Whether it is to meditate, create art, write, music, be in thought, read, study or whatever your authentic spirit is calling you to do,” she said.

Workshops are held for groups and individual sessions. Services provided include Reiki, private meditation instruction, life coaching, shamanic energy work, heart-centered healing, massage, acupressure, intuitive readings, spiritual guidance, past life readings, yoga, pain management, wellness coaching, somatic practice, and mindfulness techniques created for individual needs. “This is a sacred space to spend time with just you,” she said.

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary A heart centered healing workshop is one of many healing workshops offered at the new Triad Center for Conscious Living located at 21 Kristi Road in Pennsdale.

Mindful practice is the art of getting in touch with your body and your emotions with focus on breath awareness, posture and more. Dincher integrates these holistic concepts into her counseling sessions through mind, body and spirit. One of her most popular workshops is the attunement class for caregivers and their children. “They learn to tune in to what the child really needs,” she explained. “They learn mindfulness together.”

A goal for Brittany is to combine outside resources and create a network of consciousness for the Muncy community. She reaches out to people to visit someone in their home who is suffering from a physical ailment. “We will do some energy work,” she said. The physical body is not the only existence. There are numerous energy structures that surround a human being providing a vital life force that is never lost in the universe. This energy system is complex, powerful and can be transformed. “Our bodies cannot exist without it.” Dincher uses this connection with science to help bridge the physical and spiritual aspects of conscious living.

Recently, she has seen much need for pain management and getting well. She spoke of a woman in her late 70s who came to her for help. She walked in with a cane, and with some Reiki, yoga and energy work, she was free from pain and walked out without the cane. The woman who was from Philadelphia said, “This is better than cortisol shots.”

Other workshops held in the past include “Introduction to mediation and heart-centered meditation, introducing a powerful way to connect with our authentic self.”

She also hosts open discussions about parenting consciously and fighting fatigue. Movement therapy and meditation will both energize the body and revitalize the mind. The benefits are endless – from regulating stress, gaining productive sleep and balancing the whole self.

A new ongoing class is the “AWAKENING” held Friday mornings from 9-10 a.m. and offers a combination of stretching, movement, simple yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, body alignment and chakra work. The Triad Center also is scheduling for massage, life coaching, life path readings and essential oils 101. There are 2 to 3 workshops a month on herbal medicine and ways to heal naturally.

Coming soon will be a workshop on “Opening the Heart Chakra” which helps eliminate negative thinking and open up a more positive outlook on life. The “Chakra Healing” workshop teaches balance and the connection that centers our bodies to universal life force energy.

Sara Stubbs from Muncy says this workshop helps her stay in a better mood and clears her mind. “It helps me focus on each day and what I have to be grateful for,” said Stubbs.

Another client who has suffered from chronic pain and severe anxiety said, “The Triad Center is a 5 star mind, body, and soul haven for help, healing and support to be your healthiest, most vitalized self! You will feel truly cared for and safe.”

To reach the Triad Center or to get more information, call 570-772-4269 or visit thetriadcenter@gmail.com to sign up for their newsletter.