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DUI Safety simulator steers to downtown Muncy

By Staff | Aug 30, 2017

PAUL BARRETT/For the Luminary David Garverick of Muncy is demonstrating how the DUI simulator works during the Muncy 4th Friday event. The simulator was sponsored by State Farm insurance of Muncy.

MUNCY – Motor vehicles are the number one cause of death among teens today and Janessa Mitterling of State Farm Insurance in Muncy gave spectators a first hand experience with the Pennsylvania DUI Safety Simulator.

On Friday night during Muncy’s First Friday event, drivers got to sit inside a real car “cockpit” with working instruments and a three dimensional screen and learn how the impact of distracted driving can be a real threat. The screen has a 120 degree view and the Safety SIM creates impaired driving scenarios for the driver to experience on the road while being operated by “someone under the influence.”

David Garverick of Muncy showed some of the spectators how it works. He said it allows drivers to gain a better understanding of the risks when driving under the influence. Often there is limited time behind the wheel and if one is inexperienced, such as a teen driver, a feeling of uncertainty takes over and crashes can easily occur.

This virtual driving experience is part of State Farm who has been a sponsor since 2003 for the DUI Safety Simulator, and it shows how inexperience can lead to impaired driving.

Pennsylvania still sets the minimum age for a driver’s permit no younger than 16 years. There is a minimum 6 month period for the permit holder to complete 65 hours of supervised driving with a licensed driver over the age of 21. “Inexperience is a leading cause of crashes among teen drivers,” Mitterling said.