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Woman bags buck first day of deer season

By Staff | Nov 29, 2017

PHOTO PROVIDED A successful outing was had by hunting novice Krys Yarish on the woman's family farm in the Muncy Hills. On the right, Robert Watts of Montgomery, a longtime family friend and former neighbor, served as a hunting guide. 

TURBOTVILLE – The initial outing for Krys Yarish yielded an eight-point buck on Monday, Nov 27, during the first day of the 2017 rifle season. A novice, now age 50-something, said she was both yelling and crying when the single bullet found its target.

Krys recounted details by saying, “While I held the gun, I was counting, I told myself to breathe. Aiming at the shoulder, I fired; the deer flipped and disappeared. He hadn’t gone far, we found him where he’d fallen just inside the woods.”

Shadowing Krys was Robert Watts of Montgomery. The longtime family friend and former neighbor has hunted the property all his adult life. Watts bagged his buck, also having eight points on its antlers, during the earlier bow hunting season this year.

It was good Watts was nearby, for the first deer to come into view was a four-point. He was aware that the state’s game commission rules currently prohibit taking a buck with four points or less. Patience paid off when later the buck with a bigger rack appeared. The animal was downed with a 30-06 Remington pump rifle at a distance of 30 yards.

The 135-acre farm on which Krys has been a lifelong resident, is in Anthony Township on the southern slope of the Muncy Hills. Over the years, she has seen hunters come and go. Upon a few occasions, the successful ones have shared a portion which she cans in jars. Throughout the winter, venison is added to spaghetti sauce or simmered in gravy to top hot meat sandwiches. The canning process naturally tenderizes the meat.

Immediately following her success, the word went out to family and friends. After re-telling her experience via cell phone, Krys said, “Now the work begins. I’m learning how to gut and skin a deer.” Cutting and canning is an already experienced task. Another friend has offered to mount the trophy European style.

In her regular job, Krys is a sales representative with Lakeville Specialty Produce near Washingtonville. In her position she converses daily with customers via phone. One might expect that in addition to acquiring orders for various varieties of hydroponic lettuces, talk time will include bagging the buck.