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Muncy Public Library hosts public event to honor its 80th year

By Staff | Jan 31, 2018

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary These local authors were present Sunday afternoon, January 28, for the "Authors In Our Backyard" event at the Muncy Public Library. Top row left to right: Christine L. Beishline, Tara Shoemaker Holdren, Marjorie Maddox, Mike Cillo, Larry Stout, Kevin Coolidge, Chantal Gadboury, and Nancy Magargle. Bottom row left to right: Jade Heasley, Carol Strayer, Shirley Leonard, Carrie Anne Noble, and Antonia Watts.

MUNCY – On Sunday, January 28, the Muncy Public Library began their celebration of 80 years with an event that filled the library with budding authors from the local area. Twelve authors from the immediate area were present from 1 to 4 p.m. to talk about their books and visitors were able to purchase any of the books on site.

There were genres for all ages from young readers to adult fiction, and even some thought-provoking non-fiction, books of poetry and memoirs.

The authors present said they were pleased with the turn-out and hope that the library will feature another event of its kind in the future. Chantal Gadboury of Muncy said she was able to sell some of her books, and Jade Heasley of Montgomery was happy to have a bookstore from Wellsboro pick up one of her books.

Many of these authors have had book signings and all said they are currently working on another book. Antonia Watts of Montoursville who wrote two books on fantasy fiction was glad to have the exposure. Her books were inspired by vivid dreams, she said.

Another author well known to this area is Larry Stout of Montgomery. He has written two fiction novels developed around the main character, Tyler Jackson who is a genius and conspires with the FBI. Stout makes references to Allenwood Prison and his hometown of Montgomery. “Nightfall is a philosophical adventure that never stops,” said Stout who is also supervisor for Clinton Township, president of the Montgomery Library board of directors, and president of the Montgomery Area Historical Society. ‘Nightfall’ is the second story written by Stout following ‘Hourglass’ a fiction novel written in 2009 with the same leading character. “Even the Montgomery Library plays a part in this mystery,” he added.

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Larry Stout of Montgomery was one of the featured writers at the Muncy Public Library on Sunday. He has written several non-fiction series on leadership development and started his first fiction novel 'Hourglass' in 2009 featuring Tyler Jackson, the lead character for a series of mystery adventure and entanglements with the FBI. A second book 'Nightfall' was available, and a third book "Sun Dial" will be released next.

Stout graduated from Montgomery High School in 1970, spent 8 years in the military, and as a missionary started a clinic for cerebral palsy in Latvia. While there he wrote his first book, “Time For A Change” which was on leadership development.

“I established a name for myself in Russia,” he said. “The book was published in India about a half dozen times. It was a high compliment to me that it had such value.” The book expresses the dynamics of leadership and follows one written earlier titled “Leadership: From Mystery to Mastery.” They kept it in Russia and it became “a living laboratory” according to Stout. It also has been published in several languages.

Although retired, Stout who has a Ph.D. writes a weekly column and is a leadership consultant and guest lecturer. “Everyone should have a desire for lifelong learning,” he said and continues to conduct research, especially on Montgomery history.

Stout said he loves telling stories and had to make them up when telling bedtime stories to his 4 children. Classical literature is his favorite and he feels triumphant that his first fiction book, “Hourglass” a thought-provoking mystery adventure sold out, and is available only on Amazon. A third book on Tyler Jackson is in the works and “Sun Dial” will be released soon.