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Real life creates real money for area high school students

By Staff | Feb 8, 2018

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Montgomery High School students ranked number one in the State for the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy's Stock Market Challenge for 2017. They were recognized last week for their accomplishment at Fairfield Auto Group who awarded the prizes. Left to right: Stephen Kaiser, Sr. of Fairfield Auto, Noah Eshenaur, a senior; Dylan Ring, a sophomore; Carter Smith, a senior; Kyle Rupert, a senior; and Rick Quigley, President of Fairfield Ford.

MONTOURSVILLE – Remarkable play, good teamwork, and the guidance of well informed instructors brought Montgomery and Muncy High School students to rank as the top two champion schools in the Pennsylvania Stock Market Challenge.

The ten week program began on October 9th, and at the end of ten weeks Montgomery led in all divisions followed by Muncy. Milton placed third of ten schools who competed in the finals of the program.

Team prizes for the Stock Market Competition that is officially termed as the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy Stock Market Challenge, were sponsored through the Fairfield Auto Group in Montoursville who allocated funds for the prizes. The Montgomery team received $250 for their accomplishment and Muncy at second place received $200. Rick Quigley, President of Fairfield Ford and Stephen Kaiser, Sr. were present to award the teams their prizes and explain the dynamics of their business. “It is fast moving now, and all electronics,” said Quigley who has been a manager in the auto industry for 31 years.

On Wednesday morning, January 31, six students were recognized at Fairfield Auto for their accomplishments in the 2017 StockMarket Challenge.

From Montgomery High School Dylan Ring, Carter Smith, Noah Eshenaur, and Kyle Rupert started with $100,000 and ended with $497,008.25 under the leadership of Ryan Monoski. Ring who is a sophomore, said he learned some strategies from Monoski who teaches high school mathematics. His fellow classmates, who are seniors said they did much research on the S&P global ratings and looked for small companies that were doing well. “I learned so much from him,” said Carter Smith of his teacher. Monoski said he felt the students wanted to learn the stock market. The course is an elective at the school and some of the students are trading real money right now. “The kids love it,” he said. “They take real life and turn it into real money, just about half a million.”

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Last Wednesday morning Muncy High School students were recognized for their second place state championship in the annual Stock Market Challenge. Left to right are Beth Baker, instructor; Joshua Hall, Muncy student; Stephen Kaiser, Sr. of Fairfield Auto Group; Joe Klock, Muncy student; and Rick Quigley, President of Fairfield Ford who allocated the prize money.

Carolyn Shirk, Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy asked them what their strategy was that made them play so exceptionally well. Beth Baker, the team advisor and instructor for Muncy High School said the students shared their own strategies and helped each other learn. “Each student had their own account,” she said. Josh Hall started with $100,000 and ended with $324,355.11. Joe Klock, a senior at Muncy was in second place and fifth in the State. “I told them it is okay to lose once in a while,” Baker said.

They find stocks no one knows about, research the earnings and “see which ones are overpriced.”

“After a few years we can see the patterns, and know when to double the money,” said Dylan Ring. “We had a rate of return of over $400,000 in 10 weeks with a lot of short term investing.”

At both schools students have the opportunity to learn about 401K plans, investing, business management and acquire a background in financial literacy. Shirk who has been working with teachers for the last 14 years replied that students develop a true understanding of the economy and what is happening to their stock. “They get great critical thinking skills. I am proud of these two teachers,” she added. A total of 38 counties participated in the program.

Two years ago Monoski said Montgomery had an all female team that won first place. The new year for 2018 began on February 5th and will end on April 13th with some new rules and team prizes. Shirk announced that schools can only win once for States to allow more schools to win. “This is across all divisions that will be combined after the end of the game,” she said. First place will be $150 which will be $250 with the division prize. Second place will receive $100 and third will get $50. There are ten prizes total with 4-6 places at $25 and 8-10 place at $20.

“Montgomery and Muncy School districts are remarkable schools and have exceptional students and teachers,” said Shirk.