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Glade Run area overflows from heavy rains last week

By Staff | Aug 1, 2018

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Chippewa Road between Route 405 and East Lime Bluff Road in Muncy Creek Township was closed last week due to flooding. It was closed early Tuesday morning, July 24 and reopened on Thursday, July 26.

MUNCY – Heavy rains last week produced some flash flooding in the tri-town area causing several power outages and flash flooding. Once again the Glade Run area was affected and waters reached over 3 local bridges covering roadways according to the Muncy Police department.

On Wednesday, July 25 Officers Ray Kontz and Ernie Delp III reported that part of Route 405 was closed off from traffic in the Muncy Borough before the Muncy Valley Hospital. According to the officers the road was blocked up to Water Street.

Glade Run is a three mile watershed that runs through a great part of the borough and the road was closed from East Penn Street to Water Street. Early Wednesday morning at 2:30 a.m., Officer Delp said he was in water up to his waist by the Water Street bridge. “We have been working 16 hour shifts,” he said. Many homes in the Glade Run area were affected and basements were flooded, some waist high and reaching the first floor.

Police said three Muncy bridges were closed – Water Street bridge, the bridge on N. Main Street, and the bridge that crosses over Lions Park. “On the Water Street bridge, the water was built up and made a dam,” police said. “The water was running over the dam.”

The roads reopened for travel on Thursday following inspections from PennDot. Police ask that the public heed and obey the traffic control device warnings. “These are hazardous conditions,” said Officer Kontz.

RUTH FRY/The Luminary Many of the cornfields were drenched due to last week’s significant rainfall as seen in this field located in Wolf Township. Some areas reported over ten inches of rain over a four day period.

According to vehicle code 3111.1, if a car or vehicle goes around or ignores barricades that are set up, they could easily be given a $250 to a $300 fine.

The following roads in Lycoming County were reported closed by PennDot starting late Tuesday, July 24:

Closing roads

Route 14 between Green Hill Road and Laurel Hill Wind Farm in McIntyre Township.

Route 405 between Interstate 180 and Main Street in Muncy Borough.

RUTH FRY/The Luminary Saturated ground and large amounts of rainfall caused some trees to fall or split during last week’s rainfall.

(New) Route 880 between Laubach Lane in Crawford Township, Clinton County and Gottshall Road in Limestone Township, Lycoming County.

Route 2014 (John Brady Road) between Industrial Park Road in Muncy Creek Township and Route 405 (Water Street) in Muncy Borough.

2014 (Broad Street) at the bridge over Loyalsock Creek in Montoursville Borough.

Route 2055 (Chippewa Road) between Route 405 and East Lime Bluff Road in Muncy Creek Township.

Route 3001 (Quarry Road) between Hanson Quarry and Route 44 in Limestone Township.

Route 3002 (Middle Road) between Van Buren Road and Shed Road in Limestone Township.

Route 4001 (Little Pine Creek Road) between Route 44 in Cummings Township and Route 287 in Pine Township.

Route 4001 (Little Pine Creek Road) between English Run Road in Pine Township and Little Pine Camp Area Road in Cummings Township.

Flood warning notices were sent to the public last Wednesday regarding the rising river on the West Branch Susquehanna. The forecast was near flooding stage at 20 feet by late Thursday morning, but fortunately, the rain had stopped by then. It was said that at 21.0 feet, old Route 147 is “inundated north of Muncy.” At 9 p.m. Wednesday night, the river stage was 17.2 feet and only minor flooding took place.

On Thursday students from Muncy High School’s Future Business Leaders of America were helping along the streets, picking up garbage and other debris left from the high waters. They knocked on doors to inquire if property owners needed help.

More rain is expected this week.