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More flash flooding hits borough in Glade Run area

By Staff | Aug 15, 2018

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary This photo was taken from the Carpenter Street bridge in Muncy Borough on Sunday when the water from Glade Run stream receded. Note how the wall on the right side shifted forward. According to the neighbor, the retaining wall was flush with the wall supporting the bridge before the heavy rains. On Monday the area was hit again with more flash flooding.

MUNCY – Three areas were affected by recent flooding and were the main topic of a detailed report presented to the Muncy Borough at their last meeting.

Ed Feigles, board president announced that during last week’s flash flooding in the borough, several trees were caught in the flow and were piled up against the footbridge at Lions Park. The water behind the blockage overflowed into fields east of the area and formed another stream outside of Glade Run. Feigles contended in the report, “If not for the blockage, we would have had much less water in the borough.”

Another area that experienced flooding was in the areas of Carpenter and Water streets and also at Green Street Park, according to Feigles.

In an unusual occurrence, Muncy Creek broke its banks near the Main Street bridge and entered Glade Run. Because of this, Feigles said, the creek took up a lot of the volume that Glade Run could use.

In another flood-related topic, council said during last week’s flood event, borough police cited 11 people for failing to heed roadblocks and trying to drive in flooded areas.

They noted the fine for this violation can be from $200 to $500 with the higher amount usually given to those with inappropriate language or resisting.

Drivers should remember “turn around, don’t drown,” council said.

Council also thanked borough police officers for going door to door during the flooding to alert people to leave their homes. They said there were times when the police were waist-deep in water assisting residents.

Also discussed at the meeting, council decided to change the alley from South Washington Street, which enters into the elementary school area, and make it a two-way street instead of the existing “one way.” Council said the school should take down the “Do Not Enter” and “Authorized Vehicles Only” signs on the alley.