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Celebrating building improvements at The Beacon

By Staff | Sep 28, 2018

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Recognized during a Celebration service on Sunday, September 23 at the Beacon United Methodist Church in Hughesville are (front left of lighthouse): Don Reynolds Jr., Sue Murray, Pastor Ann Runnels, Jarett Dorman, Helen Nace, and Tammy Reinard. To the right of lighthouse are: Patty Galbry, Lynnda Steimling, Lisa Runyan, Jeni Markley, and Jason Dohl.

HUGHESVILLE – “Beautiful, light and spacious,” were the words describing improvements at Beacon United Methodist Church by Pastor Ann Runnels during its Celebration Service Sunday, Oct. 23, 2018. Located on Hughesville’s South Main Street, the exterior remains the same, while interior renovations renewed all areas with moderate touches to the sanctuary.

The ‘Music for Gathering’ at the service opened with Danny Gallery at the electronic keyboard. Gallery began playing at the church of his Morgan maternal grandparents when in the fourth grade. A resident of Delaware, the musician returns home often to continue his family’s vestment in the church.

With Gallery at the organ and Lana Force at the piano, the congregation sang “Come, Christians, Join to Sing,” “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee,” and “The Church’s One Foundation.”

The sounds of the Bell Choir filled the auditorium directed by Lynnda Steimling. Also, several selections were performed by the six-member Praise Team, and the choir who rendered the song, “God Has Work for Us to Do.”

Pastor Runnel’s message was entitled “‘Stuff’, the things not needed holding us back of which we can rid ourselves by sharing. Faith and sharing it with others are what is important to us,” the pastor noted.

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary A cross constructed with items from both Bethany and Christ United Methodist Churches gracing the front of the sanctuary was fashioned by Don Reynolds Jr.

Pastor Runnels went on to note the congregation’s generosity by reporting the building’s improvements are paid in full; that baskets of food stuffs for the Son Light House continued to be filled; and a donation for replacement of a roof was made to their neighboring church, Trinity Lutheran.

The Beacon’s building improvements were made by Dohl General Construction, LLC. Contractor Jason Dohl is a member at the Beacon and was present at the special service where individuals approached voicing congratulations for a job well done.

The former over flow room, choir cloak room and other areas have been retrofitted to provide areas for a pre-school, moved from Bethany. The restrooms are new and modernized with fresh paint seen everywhere.

A symbol marking the joining of two congregations, Bethany and Christ UM Churches, was accomplished by a ‘Cross of Unity’ which holds a prominent place at the front of the sanctuary.

The cross was fashioned by Don Reynolds, Jr. who said, “I was honored to be asked by Sue Murray and her committee to make the cross. Their concept was a wonderful idea and great gesture to ease the unifying of the two congregations. The full-size drawing was accepted at our first meeting,” Reynolds said.

Murray and Reynolds had walked through both churches. From the Main Street campus, they chose a red oak lecture with recessed Gothic style panels made in 1953. From Bethany, the backs of two pews were molded together to create a mass. Weighing 29 pounds and a size of 39 x 60 inches, the cross is hung with mono-filament and air craft cable. LED lights installed inside the above arch provides a soft glow. “The design is simple but meaningful,” Reynolds said.

Though a member of the neighboring Trinity Lutheran Church, Reynolds recalls days when the cub scouts met at Bethany.

Outdoors near the main entrance, a light house graces the landscape, beckoning all to enter. The pastor, contractor and leaders of the church’s various departments, paused to mark the occasion.