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Local retailer expanding with new building

By Staff | Sep 28, 2018

The Dollar General Store is expanding on Route 405 in Muncy Creek Township. A new sign is being put up at the new building on Monday, September 24. The retailer is expected to open by the end of October which was pushed back from the summer due to rain delays.

MUNCY – The Dollar General on Route 405, in Muncy Creek Township, has been in operation for over 15 years and will be moving to a new, larger building by the end of next month.

The move is a part of an expansion project that will not only increase the size of the Route 405 Dollar General, but will give the store the ability to carry fresh produce.

“This store has a lot more product in it,” Keith Eck, managing general partner for Eck Realty Company, said. “It’s what they call a plus store. It’s the largest store they make.”

The new store is located directly next to the current store and, according to Eck, is planned to be completed by the end of October. Construction was slated for earlier in the summer, but constant rain slowed the plan down considerably.

“It’s been on and off because of the weather and is behind schedule by about two months,” he said.

Before construction could be done at the location, a house on what is planned to be a parking lot was purchased and demolished and Eck says that the owner moved down the street from the site.

The business has done exceptionally well over the years and will be one of 400 stores upgraded to what Dollar General calls traditional plus stores. The stores will have more cooler doors for perishable items along with the fresh produce.

“The building they are in is in relatively rough shape. From a functioning standpoint it was small and crowded,” Eck said. “It’ll be a good change.”

Local government also sees the new building as an improvement to the area, which had already provided plenty of traffic to the store.

“Putting in a brand new store with more parking, I consider that an improvement to the community,” Dan Whitmoyer, Muncy Creek Township supervisor, said.

The current building will be emptied after the store is moved and will be available as a retail space for purchase.