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Adding more memories in Moreland

By Staff | Oct 3, 2018

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary At Moreland Community Church, these committee members are planning a History-Memory Day on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 21 from 2-5 p.m. From left to right they are: Kay Burgett, June Myers, Lois Teufel-Hicks, Cory Shaner, Steve Shaner and Jim Hicks. In the background is an original painting by the late Jean (Eugene) Mohr of Muncy.  

MORELAND – “Come hear and see,” invites members of the committee for an upcoming ‘History – Memory Day’ at the Moreland Community Church on Sunday afternoon Oct. 21, from 2 – 5 p.m.

According to committee chair Kay Burgett, “Special music provided throughout the afternoon will include a bag piper from Montgomery, the church choir with organist Lois Teufel-Hicks, a stringed psaltery and more.”

Guests will be able to scan over church records dating back to the 17 and 1800’s. A written history has been prepared and among the early families are Burgett, Confer, Hill, and Smith.

Among the niceties is the original tin ceiling and curved pews having a mellowed patina. A painting of ‘Jesus in Gethsemane’ by the late Jean (Eugene) Mohr, and a journeyman artist, was rendered directly to the wall at the front of the sanctuary.

Also, by 1976, the adjoining Moreland Lutheran Cemetery had five hundred internments with approximately eight hundred at this point. These numbers includes veterans from the Revolution, Civil, WWI and other conflicts.

All are encouraged to share their stories such as that of Scott Hill, a WWI veteran who returned home in 1919. His parents, Norman and Ocie (Remsnyder) Hill, knew not the exact day or time of arrival of their eldest child. However, they had prepared by hanging red, white and blue buntings across the front porch which spanned across the length of the house. As Scott arrived home on a Sunday, he found the house empty as the family was at the Moreland Church. It is said a neighbor went to alert the parents who resided on what is now Jay Snyder Road. The soldier is interred in the cemetery, a stanchion with a star noting WWI, holds the American Flag.

In 2015 during the anniversary of the Civil War, 207 individuals filled the church. Photos of the event were taken which will be shown in the handicap accessible lower level. Light refreshments will be served.

Come and be greeted by Pastor Bill Gibson at the Moreland Community Church located at 1300 Church Drive, north of the township building. Or find the site traveling via Route 118, then turn onto the Old Lairdsville Road and then Church Road.