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Locals win ribbons at Bloomsburg Fair

By Staff | Oct 3, 2018

PAUL BARRETT/The Luminary A “striking beauty” was the response from the judge for a first place ribbon for Muncy Garden Club’s Sleeping Beauty niche at the Bloomsburg Fair.

BLOOMSBURG – This year the Muncy Garden Club got three first place blue ribbons for their entries at the Bloomsburg Fair. “This is the first time, I think, that the Muncy Garden Club has ever won a ribbon there,” said Lois Velkoff, President of the garden club.

They would travel to Bloomsburg a few times during the week to water the five arrangements they made. Following the fairy tales theme, the garden club members carefully placed their props and flowers in the Horticultural building and the judging took place on Saturday morning, September 22. They also scored a ribbon for their table arrangement.

They won first place for the high pedestal arrangement, the niche and the door arrangement.

Another local horticulture winner was Sharon Miller from Allenwood who won first place ribbons for her foliage hanging basket, begonias, succulents, potted ivy, her fairy garden and largest potted coleus. Becky LeVan from Turbotville won first place for her cactus garden.

In the Livestock section there were several more local winners. Beth A. Cooley from Muncy won a first place ribbon for her summer yearling Ayrshires Heifer and Madison Burleigh also from Muncy won a first prize for her Brown swiss summer yearling Heifer. Travis Fogelman and Alexander Burleigh also placed first for their Holstein cattle and Levi Cooley from Muncy placed second. Beth Cooley received first for her Red and White spring yearling and Trent Fogelman won second for his. Both are from Muncy.

RUTH FRY/The Luminary Using colorful gerbera daisies to depict the theme for Jack & the Beanstalk, this arrangement was a first place blue ribbon winner for the Muncy Garden Club at the 2018 Bloomsburg Fair.

Mallory Perchinski of White Deer won a first for her pair of young goats at the open market goat show.

In the education building Madison Burleigh of Muncy won a first place ribbon for the 4-H dairy beef market steers entry, and Logan Armstrong and Emily Pfleegor, also from Muncy, won first for their 4-H Market Goats. Hailey E Armstrong of Muncy, won for her market swine and Emily Pleegor won three first place ribbons for her rabbits.

In the grain and seed crop division Teena Fuoss from Unityville won second for her oats, a second for vegetables and herbs, a first for canned beets and a first for yukon gold potatoes.

Lewis Hill of Muncy won a second for wheat grain variety and a first for winter barley. Lillian Foust of Muncy won a first place ribbon for sweet basil, and a second prize for refinished furniture in the arts and crafts division.

Martha Wylie of Muncy won third for her needlework in cross stitch for scarves and Vivian Brown of Unityville won third for a crocheted shawl.

RUTH FRY/The Luminary For the Hansel and Gretel theme on the door to their exhibit, the Muncy Garden Club received first place by using a clever container resembling a witch’s hat filled with an array of fresh fall flowers and gingerbread men.

Catherine Buck of Montgomery placed second for a machine and appliqud quilt. Teena Fuoss won second for a quilted tree skirt and Kathy Hunsinger of Unityville won a first place for her handmade basket.

On Friday night 4-H members were able to sell their animals and the kids were able to benefit from the funds according to Brian Campbell, the building superintendent

Overall, the highest attendance at the Bloomsburg Fair this year was on Saturday, September 29 with 70,283 and the record attendance was in 2007 on the second Saturday with a total of 80,059.