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Bridge out near Exchange causes hardships for residents   

By Staff | Dec 21, 2018

EXCHANGE – Concerned Anthony Township residents attended the township’s last two monthly meetings to learn why the bridge on Foggy Mountain Road, (formerly Fairview Church Road) remained closed. The bridge collapsed during flooding on Aug. 14, 2018.

The supervisors informed residents that multiple calls had been made to Montour County Commissioners Ken Holdren, Dan Hartman and Trevor Finn. They said they were working toward finding funds to replace the bridge which is owned by Montour County.

Residents cited hardships in additional miles in detours for commute to work, ambulance and fire service, school bus and mail travel to name a few.

Foggy Mountain Road bypasses Exchange when veering off the Muncy-Exchange Road at the Fairview Church of the Nazarene, a short cut to White Hall, Jerseytown, Buckhorn and Danville – and in reverse order for those from such areas traveling to Clarkstown, Hughesville, Muncy and beyond.

Residents asked why the PennDot County Liquid Fuels Tax Program revenues weren’t used. Another resident said that on Nov 28, 2018, WNEP News announced that President Trump declared disaster status for Montour County and the Federal Government would be releasing funds for municipal repairs. However, it is not known when or how much federal aid will be distributed, or if any would be provided for the afore mentioned bridge.

Meanwhile, the residents’ concerns were acknowledged by Anthony Township Supervisors Richard Hess, William Hartman and Dennis Sheatler. Upon the advice of solicitor Robert Bruner, residents were encouraged to formulate a petition. Signing is not limited to township residents, anyone may sign.

The document is available at the township office in Exchange during office hours, Wednesdays noon to 5 p.m. 570-437-3270 or posted on the doors for signing when closed. Be aware that some resident representatives are going door to door in the immediate community.

The next township meeting will be Monday, Jan. 7 at 6 p.m. beginning with a reorganizational meeting. Then in February and thereafter, meetings will return to its regular schedule, first Wednesday night monthly at 7 p.m.