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New venture opens space to share with community

By Staff | Jan 9, 2019

JADE HEASLEY/The Luminary   Shawn Marie Coles opened a new coffee shop in Montgomery at 10 S. Main Street. She features coffee, crafts, children’s clothing on consignment, and community space.

MONTGOMERY – Montgomery’s newest business venture is Coles Coffee, Craft & Consignment. The business is owned by Shawn Marie Coles who formerly owned another business in the same location known as Second Chance Consignment, which she opened in 2016.

The shop is located at 10 S. Main Street, a historic location in downtown Montgomery. In 1902 it was W.E. Frey Plumbing and Heating, and history was made when he added Montgomery’s first gasoline pump in 1913. The business changed hands at various times and in recent years was best known as the location of La Grande.

In November Coles transitioned the consignment shop to a place that now offers consignment children’s clothing, vendor spaces for local crafters, a community space, a coffee shop, and a children’s play area.

Coles said that she was inspired to change the business because she felt that Montgomery needed a coffee shop, and many other locals had mentioned the need for one as well. She is originally from South Williamsport and has lived in Montgomery for the past eleven years.

Shawn and her husband have a three-year-old son named Daniel, who is a frequent visitor to the shop. “I enjoy the flexibility owning a buisness gives me to be a stay-at-home mom,” she said. “Daniel is known for his sociable personality and he likes to open the door for the ladies when they leave.”

Coles offers light roast coffee and features a variety of specialty flavors: French vanilla, hazelnut, mocha, blueberry, and caramel. She also serves cappuccino, hot chocolate, as well as peppermint, peach, and English breakfast tea. The shop also features freshly delivered bagels from Lycoming Bakery and often serves cookies as well.

The shop opens at 6:30 in the morning Tuesdays through Fridays. “It gives people a chance to come in and warm up in the morning before heading off to work,” Coles replied. She has a television that runs the news in the morning as well, so her customers can catch up on current events. For those who don’t have time to come in before work, she offers curbside pick-up that can be arranged by phone or by sending a Facebook message.

She currently features crafts by Sharon’s Exotic Soaps, A Better Purpose Crafts, wooden signs by Tina Bower, wooden crafts by Smoke Moser, and homemade messy bun hats. She is hoping to add more vendors in the near future.

The children’s play area features a small climbing toy with a sliding board, a play kitchen, a chalk board, picture books, and toys. There’s also a TV that plays kid’s DVDs after the morning news is over.

The community space can seat up to thirty people. She has featured DIY projects, kid’s crafts, and makes it available for meetings and Bible studies on a by-donation basis.

Santa Claus was also a frequent visitor this season handing out treaats to children.

Coles continues to refine the shop. She has strong Christian beliefs and wants to see her shop grow into a relaxing atmosphere to bring people together and help local crafters showcase their talent. She is hoping that it can create a monetary benefit for others as well. “I love people, and I love helping people,” she said.

The shop’s hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:30 a.m. – 3 p.m, Thursday and Friday from 6:30 a.m. 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 1. The shop is closed on Mondays.