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Buildings in borough slated for demolition

By Staff | Jan 16, 2019

PAUL BARRETT/The Luminary This vacant building, located at 308 N. Main Street, will be demolished by the end of February. It was once the home of Tommy’s Sports Bar.

MUNCY – After many delays from contractors and concerns from neighbors regarding water damage, the Muncy Borough approved the demolition of three borough properties.

They are listed as 1 Mechanic St., a green ranch house; 308 N. Main St, former home of Tommy’s Sports Bar; and 206 N. Market St.

They will start to be leveled by Jan. 21, said Edward Feigles, council president, who estimates the buildings will be demolished by the end of February.

“(Originally), the county went with the lowest bidder. There were some discrepancies in accounting and performance. The county saw fit to dismiss the contractor and rebid the project,” said Feigles. “The award went to Steinbacher Enterprises.”

The demolition crew is currently applying for permits, according to Borough Manager Dennis Holt.

Brian Hess, owner of a historic property behind 308 N. Main St., has called constables on several occasions to complain about water back up, said James Dorman, chief of Muncy Police Department.

Hess reportedly was upset because he sees what the adjacent property owner had done was causing water to back up, said Feigles.

“We explained that when the building is demolished, it’s to be grated from back to front because there are storm sewers in the front,” said Feigles.

Additionally, he said, the lot will be primarily soil and absorb water that normally would pool.

In other business, after Bill Ramsey’s retirement as borough manager in December, the West Branch Regional Authority Board recommended Feigles to join them as councilman.

“Ed possesses many of the areas of experience and skill sets recommended for a utility Board member and would provide a direct bridge between the WBRA Board and council,” said Eric J. Moore, WBRA executive director.

Members present were: Dana Bertin, Elaine McAleer, Richard Umpstead, Edward Fiegles, and Linda Stein.

The next Muncy Borough Council meeting will be 7 p.m., Thurs. Jan. 24.