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Engaging technology assists residents at UPMC Muncy Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center

By Staff | Feb 13, 2019

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Nancy Belz, resident, and Tayne Sampson staff member with the activity center at the UPMC Nursing and Rehab Center in Muncy, are demonstrating a word game with the new iN2L engaging technology.

MUNCY – Innovative! Remarkable! Meaningful! These are just a few of the exclamations heard during an open house at the Muncy Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Wednesday, January 30. A new program was purchased for the residents that is engaging, personal, comprehensive and shares just about any interest one could have.

The new technology was unveiled to the public during an open house and introduced by the staff at the activity center. The digital program is titled ‘It’s Never 2 Late’ and it is specifically designed for seniors and rehabilitative patients. Best of all, it requires minimal staff assistance.

‘It’s Never 2 Late’ was discovered by Barbara Young, a recreational therapist on staff, when she saw it demonstrated at an annual conference. “I received full support from the rest of staff,” said Young who went for the training.

This technology is the only one of its kind here in Lycoming County acknowledged company representative, Debbie Ciesielczyk who was available to answer questions. “It is very therapeutic and used for restorative therapy.”

Cassie Neidig, activity director for the center, said, “iN2L combines touch screen computers with intuitive, picture-based software and an extensive, continually updated content library to provide a personalized experience for each and every resident.”

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Thomas O’Connell president of UPMC Susquehanna Health Foundation is trying out the flight simulator during the open house that introduced the new iN2l technology at Muncy’s Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Jan. 30.

Each resident is assigned their own password, and the program is good for all levels. “It is very visual,” said Tayne Sampson who helped to demonstrate the touch screen technology with resident Nancy Belz. Picture and music can be added to make a storybook setting.

With two mobile units the program is perfect for small group settings as well as one on one. Starting this month small specialized groups are assigned each day to work with iN2L.

Funding sources came from the Waldron Memorial Fund at the First Community Partnership of Pennsylvania (FCFP) and the Muncy Valley Hospital Auxiliary. Each group contributed $17,000 towards the project.

“FCFP is pleased to support the It’s Never 2 Late project with a grant from the Waldron Memorial Fund. This grant allows Ms. Waldron’s legacy to continue by supporting a project that will sustain the health and well-being of the residents in Muncy and surrounding areas,” announced Erin Ruhl, FCFP Director of Community Engagement.

iN2L is great for someone non-verbal according to Young. Settings can prompt users to share interests, pets, loved ones and family values. Sampson demonstrated a matching and memory game. She said on Wednesdays residents love to come and play bingo with this program. “Now they can play more often. They also can play Price is Right and Family Feud.”

There is another component where they can take simulated guided trips. “We visited the Greek Islands and set the chairs like being on a plane,” said Young. Updates come every 60 days.

There are 3-D driving simulators and games for balance incorporated with a great sound system. “It is a fun way to get them motivated,” Neidig said. “Babies and dogs are popular too,” added Sampson as she showed a video of a baby laughing from U-tube. “It turns frowns upside down, and it’s fun to see the residents enjoy this. There’s always something new and interesting to find, even a sing-a-long.”