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Business Association plans scholarship giveaway

By Staff | May 30, 2019

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Elected 2019 officers for the Greater Hughesville Business Association are (left to right): Suzanne Holmes, Vice President; Joan Falls, President; and Aletha Lyons, Secretary. The position of Treasurer has yet to be determined.

HUGHESVILLE – Working this year to raise money for students and the business community are new officers for the 2019 year for the Greater Hughesville Business Association (GHBA). Newly elected President, Joan Falls says she wants to do another bingo fundraiser to help raise more money to be given towards student scholarships.

A dinner is scheduled for June 25 at Country Fork Restaurant in Hughesville to award three scholarships to three high school seniors. Committee member Diane Santo said it was not an easy choice to narrow the selections down from a 500 word essay to the final three. “We came up with the top 5, then chose three from the five,” she said. Receiving $1,000 will be Lauren Hall; Jacquelyn Delaney will receive $750 and Valerie Ammar-Khodja will get $500.

Some businesses provided additional funds for the scholarships according to Santo.

The winners were announced at a meeting held on May 7th at the OIP in Hughesville. Santo reminded business members to start putting aside funds for the 2020 scholarships.

A June 23rd date is reserved for the Hughesville Fire Hall to have another bingo fundraiser and the organization is now collecting gift baskets for prizes. Sheila Palmeter suggested a gun raffle after attending one at the Benton Fire Hall, but it was tabled as a possibility for the fall closer to hunting season. “Make sure we are not competing with other fire companies or VFW’s,” said Holmes.

Renewal memberships are due now as the GHBA makes preparations for the annual 5 to Drive. Applications are available on Facebook and their website page. “We are looking forward to our 2019-2020 membership year,” Falls said. “We are excited to announce that this will be our 10 year anniversary for 5 to Drive.”

Holmes said she will reach out to Steve Kaiser for another car donation. “Maybe bigger and better?” she asked. Falls said to make sure the license for the games of chance is current. It was suggested to have the scratch off tickets and coupons again. “We could have custom coupon cards made for local businesses,” Holmes said. A bingo license will cost $100 according to the county’s treasurer office. Holmes reported that at least six GHBA members are needed to run the bingo registration table and a committee needs to promote the event and build the mailing lists.

Palmeter added that getting a 5 to Drive committee should be started now. Falls said she is going door to door approaching businesses in Hughesville about joining the GHBA. Currently business meetings are held two times a month, the first and third Tuesday but Lyons said that could possibly be changed depending on the majority. “Maybe move the time up earlier so owners and managers can come right after work,” she said.

Falls suggested ways to increase correspondence with members. She said she received a welcoming reception when visiting the local businesses. Holmes offered a “special shout-out” with emails to inform what the organization is doing. “Share what you want us to hear.”

Falls concluded that several Bingo fundraisers were hosted with success. The money is used for the scholarships, 5 to Drive advertising, the Christmas parade and children’s Christmas party with Santa. “The Bingo was also a great fundraiser for the Hughesville Band Boosters and the East Lycoming Historical Society as they provided the food,” announced Lyons.

The next GHBA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4 at the Townsend House at 6 p.m.