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Muncy Green Park waiting for concrete

By Staff | Jun 10, 2019

MUNCY – The Muncy Borough Council discussed Green Street Park bids for stone, concrete and gravel before playground equipment can be installed and awarded a bid for a parking lot at Green Street on Tuesday.

The recommendation from the borough engineer, HRG Inc., and the committee was to go with the lowest bid out of the three bids that were placed of $104,737 by Cable Services.

“The engineer checked out the references for Cable Services already; they had glowing reviews and they are good on the paperwork,” said Dennis Holt, borough manager.

The bid for the project is pending approval by the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. About $7,800 for construction management is required for the project from HRG to ensure that the state approves the project, In order to start the final paperwork, the construction management with HRG needs to be approved. The question arose if this addition to the proposal fit into the budget.

“We are under the budget with everything that we are talking about so far,” said Richard Umpstead, council member. “With the equipment that needs to be bought, the installation, this management fee, we are still under budget.

Council members expressed concern about meeting deadlines before funding from state gas impact fees expired. The council does not want to file for extension as Umpstead is working to get the project going after the July Fourth and completed before the end of that month. August is prepared for installation of equipment.

In other business, the borough council appointed a new emergency management coordinator and the project to install storm drains to collect water from the road and flooding is nearly completed.

Tim J. Lupold was appointed the emergency management coordinator. Lupold used to be in this position as well as the fire chief of Muncy for 10-plus years and is well acquainted with the area. He is set to take some new classes because some of the training has changed from when he was previously in the position. Lupold has been strongly recommended for the job by many of the Muncy council members and will start once approved with the proper training.

The project to install a storm sewer on Charles Road is just under halfway done, borough officials said. The project to put this storm drain in from 108 Charles Road to the side yard of 525 S. Washington St., which is about 240 feet long. There will be two storm drains installed to collect water from runoff issues and a continuous flow of water from a sump-pump issue. A sump-pump is typically installed in the basements of homes to pump water overflow from the basements, however there is a consistent problem with one of the pumps in this area whether with rain or overflowing amounts of snow in the winter.

The storm drains are hopefully going to make it easier and safer for the citizens living in that 240 foot space, as the residents have had to deal with this problem for longer than hoped. Within a two-day period, the project will be completed.

On Carpenter Street, there is a similar issue. Holt is setting up plans to go see the property though the pipes in that area make it difficult to install a storm drain. It could end up being a new project for next year, but for now the priority is to work to finish the project on Charles Road.

The next scheduled Muncy Borough Council meeting is at 7 p.m. on June 20, in the borough office at 525 Washington Street.