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Senior’s Group rewards longtime secretary  

By Staff | Jun 26, 2019

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Margaret Hart (Center) received a gift card in appreciation of her 18-year service as secretary of the Huntersville/Pennsdale Senior Citizens. Treasurer Fred Harris and President Carla Auten made the presentation noting the group's 36th anniversary during the June 12, 2019 meeting.

PENNSDALE – The 36th anniversary of what began as the ‘Senior Citizens of the Huntersville Area’ was noted during the group’s June 12, 2019 meeting. Treasurer Fred Harris read highlights from the minute book dated June 8, 1983.

The newly formed group of 26 members elected Jean Anstadt as President with officers including his wife Elizabeth, also Jennie Reeder, Marguerite Moser, Joann Chapman and Madeline Beasley.

The seniors first met at the Allegheny Grange Hall with annual member dues set at two dollars. Due to lack of funds for speakers, rent and so on, Mill Creek Township allotted a start up amount of $100.

Annually throughout the county a Senior Prom was held with each group supplying a King and Queen of which the Anstadt’s were selected. Decorations were sought, and because purchasing real flowers was not within the budget, blooms were made filling 42 hanging baskets.

More tidbits from succeeding years included 1987 when Lynn Houseknecht entertained, and an agreement was reached to back a ‘Save the Mall’ effort.

From the audience, Dean Kilgus recalled a local bank’s help in the forming of a ‘Go Club’ with one of the destinations being to Inner Harbor when the cost of food and bus fare totaled $22.

Also early on, the club decided each June to have a catered meal. The subject arose of the importance of choosing safe mushrooms for consumption as a Huntersville area man had died of mushroom poisoning.

The aforesaid is an actual fact, but Harris went on to offer an account of which one was left to question its validity. “Hiring a cook from the city to prepare a meal, the price of including mushrooms was discussed. With the cost of five dollars seemingly too much, the group decided to pick their own. To test their safety, a small portion was fed to the dog with no adverse reaction. Near the end of the meal, the cook rushed into the dining area and announced the dog had died. A scuffle occurred when guests hurriedly readied to rush to the hospital. One individual thought to ask where the dog was found, to which the cook replied, “Near the road where he’d been hit by a car.” ” The audience roared with laughter.

Over the years and after meeting at the Grange, the group met at the United Methodist Church in Huntersville with the current gathering site being Trinity United Methodist at Pennsdale with seniors from the latter area now included.

The presentation of a Weis Gift Card to Margaret Hart noted her 18 years as the group’s secretary. She resigned, not due to a fall, but as she explained it, “I slid down easily.” The meeting ended with Allen Foust providing musical entertainment.