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Corvettes on Main Street Muncy

By Staff | Sep 25, 2019
Husband and wife corvette owners Charlie and Victoria Thompson-Hess entered both of their models into the annual ‘Vette show. Charlie’s “Lucille” is a 1978 Stingray, the 25th anniverray year edition while “Ruby Zoom Zoom,” a 1985 C4, belongs to Victoria. High school sweethearts, the two married in 1970, but have only became corvette owners three years.

Muncy Borough and its affiliate townships was the place to be on Saturday, Sept. 21. In addition to the annual Corvettes on Main Street festival, two additional car shows were scheduled in the community-at Murray Motors and Fairfield Auto Group on Route 405 in Muncy Creek Township. Shuttle services to the shows were available to the public.